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    Meet your perfect opponent!

    The Power Chess King always plays just a little bit better than you -- just enough to make you stretch. He remembers what you play against him -- the same trick won't work twice -- and as you improve so does he.

    The Power Chess King is also the most human opponent you'll find in a box! When he gets ahead, he goes for the kill. When he's losing, he practically squirms. He take chances on offense and defense. Spot his weaknesses and turn them to his advantage. Or consult your coach, the Queen, on what to try next time. When you finally catch the King, you'll know you're ready for the big time.

    The Queen of Chess is on your side!

    The Power Chess Queen watches your games with the Power Chess King and explains it all to you afterward in a beautiful, clear voice: how to play the opening, how to attack and defend, how not to make a fool of yourself! And we're not talking boring annotations in a dialog box, we're talking TALKING. The Queen comments on your games in plain old English. Have fun and notch up those wins!


    -Internet-ready the moment you plug in. No downloads. No setup. Meet opponents online right now!
    -King adapts himself to you!
    -Queen TALKS you through your games!
    -Dozens of spirited opponents of all styles and strengths. Or make your own!
    -Interactive presentations of great chess games from the past 150 years!
    -Includes analysis tools, tutorial, reference works, and more!
    -Powered by the engine that beat the most grandmasters ever at the Harvard Cup!

    Contributed by Ryan Prendiville (702) on Jul 13, 2000.