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Power Chess Credits

44 people

Power Chess™ Version 1.0

StarringNatacha LaFerrière (as the voice of the Power Chess Queen)
Lead Software EngineerTom Abbott
User Interface DeveloperJohn Gilmore
Art DirectorRon Spears
Chess AuthorityEric Tangborn (International Master)
Writer and EditorSteven Bryan Bieler
Programmed byTom Abbott, John Gilmore, Eric Tangborn, Elon Gasper, Giles Varner, David Kittinger
SIGS Programmed byJohn Fawcett, Bob Jepson, Andrew Bakken, Mira Lieberman, Max Coburn, Brick Baldwin, Mark Emmert
Art and Graphics DesignRon Spears, Karen Thomas, Shawn Kerr, Matthew Brauch, David Beetlestone, Heather Ivy, Jim Hicks, Mark Sigel, Robert Sanchez, Marc Vulcano, Mike Nichols, Tom Springer
Graphics Production SpecialistShawn Kerr
Music Composition and PerformanceGuy Whitmore
Sound & SynchronizationJames Ackley, Kevin Cannon, Dennis Ham, Beck Henderer
Quality AssuranceKevin Kubalsky, Tami Bond (SIGS)
TestingBeth Quintana, David S. Larsen, Daniel Toloudis, Jay Seese, Odessa Goedert-Gasper
Help SystemNancy Matthew, Steven Bryan Bieler
Wchess Created and Produced byDavid Kittinger
SIGS ProducerJack Staehler
Associate ProducerKaren Thomas
Produced byStephen H. Van Horn
Designed and Directed byElon Gasper
Recorded atClatter and Din Studios; Seattle; WA
©1996Sierra On-Line Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (61451)