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Advertising Blurbs (English):


    “Praetorians is an excellent choice for real-time strategy fans looking for a stiff and satisfying challenge.”
    8.4 – GameSpot

    “If Caesar hadn't gone and gotten stabbed by his friends, I'm sure he would have liked this as much as I do.”
    8.9 – IGN

    “Praetorians certainly does set itself apart from the competition”
    8 –

    About This Game

    Praetorians is set amidst the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire. You will be transported back to the dusty battlefields of Egypt, the combat theaters of Gaul and finally to the heart of the Empire itself, Italy in the crusade to become Emperor. Your quest will not be easy, as the Empire is heavily defended by thousands of different troop types and war machines, all with special skills and individual strengths. The road to becoming Emperor depends on strategy! You must learn to combine your units and exploit the weakness of the enemy, but as you get closer to the Emperor things become even more difficult as you must face his personal guard, the most powerful and deadly fighting force in the Empire - The Praetorian Guard!

    Key Features

    • Three different armies: Gauls, Egyptians and the Roman Legions
    • Unique sets of abilities and formations for different unit types and characters
    • Fast-paced action were things can easily go from hectic to wrong

    Contributed by jaXen (257876) on Oct 17, 2016.

Back of Case - Windows (Italy):
    PRAETORIANS La nascita di un impero attraverso le gesta eroiche dei suoi generali... Praetorians è il primo strategico in tempo reale ambientato durante la nascita del glorioso Impero romano e delle campagne di espansione territoriale condotte da Giulio Cesare. Nei panni di un generale romano, viaggerai attraverso 24 missioni: visitando i deserti dell'Egitto, le lande ghiacciate delle tribù barbariche fino ad arrivare al cuore stesso dell'Impero: l'Italia. - Controlla tre differenti civiltà, ognuna con un arsenale unico di truppe, legioni e macchine da guerra - Il terreno gioca un ruolo fondamentale negli scontri di massa. Il tuo nemico è in grado di valutare ogni possibilità strategica offensiva e difensiva - e tu? - Combatti per l'onore di Roma contro otto generali in LAN o via Internet. Da Pyro Studios (i creatori di Commandos).

    Contributed by st2wok (254) on Jan 15, 2016.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    "The visual style is quite evocative…" "Praetorians is just as balanced a strategy game as the like of Warcraft and Command & Conquer…" "...will appeal to serious strategy enthusiasts." "Modelled down to the man, yet easily controllable." "...there are many satisfying details." "...a fully featured game of strategy and tactics." - Icon Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald

    " A very unique and fun approach to strategy gaming. Deep and intelligent strategy combat. Missions are excellently designed. Excellent music and sound effects. 80%"

    " Awesome Real Time Strategy set in the ancient Mediteranean world" - PC Powerplay

    " With solid single and multi-play elements, and the heritage of Commandos behind the creators, you can forgive us for being excited about Praetorians. In many ways, Praetorians is based far more in reality than most other genre offerings" - PC Games Addict Magazine

    "Praetorians looks to be a very promising title with excellent sound and visuals, as well as unique gameplay elements" " Awesome graphics" - PC Powerplay

    " Excellent AI, well-balanced units, Great single-player missions, nice emphasis on tactics and strategy. 79%" - Gamespy

    " Praetorians is a breath of fresh air in PC real time strategy. Stepping away from the tedium of resource management, with a focus on combat will be a draw for many. The sheer focus on tactics and all of the available options within this makes this an extremely challenging game, but persevering and learning these intricacies will reveal a true gem. 8.7/10" -

    "This game is perfect for the dedicated RTS fan, as it can take away a good chunk of your life. You must control your units flawlessly and be familiar with all of their strengths and weaknesses, or else they will be demolished before you can blink. 8.7/10" -

    " Praetorians is a solid RTS with deep, engaging gameplay that offers a unique experience. The exclusion of resource management coupled with troop variations and formations, and terrain advantages reinstill the strategy in RTS. Fans of the genre seeking a pure strategic experience will enjoy Praetorians' emphasis on battle. With outstanding visuals and audio to showcase its gameplay, Praetorians is a must-have for genre fans and a great introduction for newcomers to PC gaming. 45/50" -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 21, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    Praetorians is an epic 3D strategy game set at the time of Julius Caesar's campaigns to expand the frontier's of the Roman Empire. Taking on the role of a Roman General you are transported back to the deserts of Egypt, the frozen lands of the Gauls and to the heart of the Empire itself, Italy.

    The lands you seek to conquer will be heavily defended by thousands of troops, all with special skills and individual strengths. Fortresses and war machines will stand in your path as you lead your army in a quest for the glory of Rome.

    You will command the forces not only of Rome, but also of the ferocious Gaulish tribes and the religiously fanatical Egyptians. The path to victory depends on the strategies you choose, the tactics and troop formations you decide upon, and whether you learn to combine your forces and exploit your enemy's weaknesses.

    Played out in jaw dropping 3D visuals, from the immense scale of the Pyramids right down to the individual centurion, Praetorians is stunning in its detail, scale and beauty. The game is also incredibly intuitive allowing skilled strategy gamers and beginners alike to fully immerse themselves in the game with absolute ease.

  • Control three different civilisations each featuring a unique set of troops and tactics.
  • The disciplined Romans will utilise organisation and flexible formations as a means of overthrowing the enemy.
  • Gauls have the power of raw strength and greater flexibility of movement on different terrains as they employ guerrilla warfare tactics.
  • The Egyptian priests use a combination of religious fanaticism and advanced science to complement their range of military units.
  • Over 20 varied campaign missions.
  • Employ the powerful war machines of the Roman army and make the best use of them to protect possessions or to destroy enemy defences and lay siege to their fortresses.
  • Different terrain and landscapes play a major part in battle. The AI will understand terrain and its defensive and offensive possibilities and it will also affect unit visibility.
  • Up to 8 players can do battle over LAN or Internet.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66571) on May 21, 2004.

Inside Flaps:
    Conquer your foes in colossal fortress sieges involving hundreds of units. Will you attack using siege weapons, or deploy an all-out ladder assault?

    Employ a variety of unit formations including the nearby impenertrable "turtle" formation.

    Minimal base building and resource management means you can focus entirely on battlefield maneuvers.

    Dispatch your hawk or wolf scout to detect potential targets and threats.

    From high elevations supplying range and vision advantages, to dense forests providing cover for ambushes, understanding the terrain's strategic value is key for victory.

    Command your light infantry to construct catapults, ballistas, assault towers and more to destroy enemy defenses.

    The Praetorians, the elite bodyguards of the Roman emperors, are just one of the many units you can command. Each civilization has 13 different units ranging from pikemen, centurions, and cavalry to specialized units such as the Roman gladiators, Barbarian hunters, and Nubian archers.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69071) on Jun 15, 2003.

Back of Box:



    Your destiny awaits on the battlefield. As a Roman General on a crusade to forge an empire, you will be transported back to the dusty battlegrounds of Egypt, the frozen lands of the Gauls, and finally to the heart of the Empire itself, Italy. You must employ cunning military operations as the lands you seek to conquer are heavily defended by thousands of powerful troops.

  • Feed your insatiable hunger to rule the empire with this combat-heavy epic adventure

  • Command the forces of 3 civilizations - the disciplined Romans, the ferocious Gauls, and the religiously fanatical Egyptians

  • Ambush your enemy using a variety of units, massive fortress sieges, devastating war machines and more

  • Battle for supermacy online in ruthless 8-player matches

  • Master the art of war in 24 single-player missions

    "experience the joy of controlling massive, sprawling, bloody Roman-era battles"
    - PC Gamer

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69071) on Jun 15, 2003.