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Premier Manager 98 Credits

33 people

Dinamic Multimedia Team

ProgrammersDavid Galeano, Pablo Ariza, Leonardo Zayas, Marcos Jourón
ProducersCarlos Abril, Gabriel Ruiz, Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor
ArtistsAlberto Moreno, Emilio Serrano García
Head ResearcherPablo Aranda
ResearchersAlberto Adeva, Luis Javier Moñino, Víctor Manuel Martín, Fernando Díaz, Tomas Diaz
MusicJosé Antonio Martín Tello
Spanish manual translationGreg
Sound EngineerTomás Rubio
Sound EffectsAlejandro Gil

Gremlin Interactive Team

ProducerAnthony Casson
Lead TesterLee Campbell
Test SupervisorJonathan Watson
Quality ControlAndrew Lee, Mark Harvey, Mark Freeman
Manual and DesignMalchick Nostra, Martin Calpin, Sarah Anne Nicholson
Quality ManagerCarl Cavers
ResearcherRob Millington
CommentaryBarry Davies
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13593)