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Prey Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
There are many organic environments, and your weapons are alive as well.
You can sometimes cross over to the land of your ancestors for help.
Spirit Walk is used to solve puzzles and access hidden paths.
You can charge your leech gun with the desired type of ammo at one of the stations.
Attacking from below.
Freezing a dog-like creature with the leech gun.
Entering a new area with a crawler in my hand.
Who doesn't feel like a game of poker while slaughtering alien scum?
F.E.A.R. has proven it, little girls can be very scary.
The modified Doom 3 engine renders outdoor levels as well.
Crawlers, used as grenades, do massive damage.
You never know where you'll end up going through portals.
This is the scariest school bus you will see in your life.
One of the first bosses
You can board a pod to move between areas.
Your hawk Talon attacks enemies independently and cannot be killed.
With the use of these walkways, the meaning of floor and ceiling is lost.
Under attack in space
A mutilated human
Attacking from above, or below.
Many puzzles involve Spirit Walk.
The rocket launcher uses crawlers for ammo
Something has gone horribly wrong here.
Your grandfather Enisi defends himself against an alien attack.
Fire is the most powerful use of the leech gun.
Meeting a Keeper.
This is reminiscent of a Yoko Tsuno comic.
It will take some time to discover the use of this cube.
Large outdoor battle
This inuit will often help you along the way.
Even if this kid got a metal spike pierced through his rib case he smiles.
Seriously, how the hell did you get there?
Thanks for invite and for harvesting my people.
Rhineheart is actually one from the Human Head, those who made this game.
Tommy in third person mode.
That thing kind of reminds me of Duke Nukem's "Octabrains".
(Spirit Walk) Wake up Tommy!
What the heck is that thing?
Lady in distress... Do something Tommy!