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    "Принц династии Кин" - это завораживающая смесь классического hack'n'slash и классической же ролевой игры: исследуйте живой, динамичный мир, очищайте владения Великой Династии Кин от скверны, развивайте своего Героя, путешествуйте, получайте вознаграждение за выполнение разнообразных заданий - в общем, живите! Игроку предстоит перенестись на 2200 лет назад, и оказаться в Древнем Китае - стране, история которой полна мистики, философии, загадок и тайн. На Вашем пути, который проляжет более чем через сто локаций, встретятся десятки персонажей, а обширный арсенал оружия, множество предметов и изменяющиеся по ходу игры характеристики персонажа сделают Ваше приключение интересным, увлекательным, незабываемым.

    Кроме того, в "Принце династии Кин" Вас ждут:

    • многопользовательский режим: до 20 игроков одновременно по локальной сети или через Internet;
    • возможность создания уникального персонажа любого из пяти доступных в игре классов;
    • несколько разных сценариев окончания игры: конкретный исход будет зависеть исключительно от Ваших действий;
    • масса заклинаний пяти магических школ - Металла, Дерева, Воды, Земли и Огня;
    • возможность создания собственных предметов и артефактов путём комбинирования различных элементов;
    • достоверная информация об истории Династии Кин.

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    I. Recreate the Glory and Chaos of the Great Qin Empire

    "Prince of Qin" is a game set in the last years of the Qin Empire which were brimming with chaos and death caused by numerous wars. On such a glorious, grand and solemn historical stage will appear many a sage, rare talents, fierce warriors, girls of virtuous upbringing, and even bandits, robbers and drunkards. "Prince of Qin" is an ARPG (Action Role-playing Game), which creates a massive game world allowing players to taste the experience of life in an ancient and historic environment more than 2000 years ago. Though living in today's world, from this game about the distant past, you will understand the similarity between the two.

    II. Graphics

    By reference to large quantities of historical documents, more than 150 NPCs in the game are designed to achieve historical accuracy and many events are the actual ones which occurred in that period.. The maps in the game help make the China domain at the time reappear. Numerous independent scenes will be created, including cities, villages, country fields, caves and so on. In the game, you can appreciate the splendor of the Great Wall, the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin, the Epang Palace, etc. The game will recreate not only numerous unique natural environments with special plants and buildings, but also some varieties of climate phenomena such as rain, snow, wind, thunder and lightning and the alternation of day and night.¡¡

    III. Legendary Heroes

    Five sorts of heroes are designed as: Paladins, Musclemen, Assassins, Wizards and Witches equipped with various skills and magic. They are accomplished with different weapons. You can achieve superb power when you are able to command them to co-operate in harmony. "Prince of Qin" allows you to recruit four partners to complete the missions together. In this way, you will achieve a team success. All the heroes' fighting skills and abilities are divided into five categories of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. In ancient China, the philosophers believed that the world was made up of these five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These five elements interact with one another to enhance or reduce skills and abilities. For example, Water restricts Fire while Wood promotes Fire. You can enrich the fighting modes and effects by making use of the interactivity between the elements.

    IV. Weapon and Inventory System

    Hide and beast bones can be obtained from hunting. Through mining and felling trees, you can acquire Ore and Lumber whilst some rare and very valuable items can only be obtained through trade. What's more, if you like, you can make extremely powerful weapons and armor for yourself with such items as hide, beast bone, Ore, Lumber and the valuable goods. You can give your weapon a good name that you favor and it'll become exclusively yours. By assembling equipment, you can achieve many more means to finish a mission. However, you have to travel around the realm to find a formula for assembly and it's not certain that you will be able to learn the assembly skills. All the weapons and inventory have been designed with some special Five-element attributes.You are able to make every battle to your best advantage by using the most suitable weapons according to your enemy's Five-element condition. In case a main character is equipped with some weapons and armor, the picture he or she is in will change accordingly at the same moment.

    V. Fighting Mode In real time fighting mode, you can control the fighting by mouse. You can also define Shortcut Keys of your own to facilitate the fighting. Team Spirit is highly encouraged here, in contrast to most of the existing ARPG games where the heroes have to complete the missions alone. "Make every war a most exciting adventure." You can do this by setting traps, tempting the enemy and making good use of each hero's skills and magic according to the conditions of war. You can also tame or call up fowls and beasts to help you attack the enemy. The fighting style is classical Kungfu style.

    VI. Various Endings

    Many subsidiary story lines supplement each other and the main story line enabling you to experience more realistically the living environment in the last turbulent years of the Qin Empire. It depends on you whether an NPC turns out to be an angel or a devil. Furthermore, you can communicate with NPCs in different dialogs, and you can choose your own options to accomplish a mission. Thereupon the game will vary with the changes of all these factors. A great variety of different endings are awaiting you.

    VII. Flexibility, Variety and Fun

    More flexibility and freedom enable you to enjoy the game as you please. You can find items with no difficulty by making marks on the map and players of various levels may adjust the game speed to a speed which suits them simply by adjusting the Game Speed bar. In addition, every player can create their own heroic troops because there is an independent Upgrade-system. The Random Inventory-system guarantees a great variety of all the weapons and items.

    VII. Net-game

    Via, you can fight with your friends side by side or against each other to enjoy "Prince of Qin" and superior players can be enthroned in a special Ranking List. Furthermore, there is a net-expo of all the wonderful weapons and equipment you have made and your friends can tell you what they think of your creations.

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Jul 16, 2004.

Strategy First's Overview (see Links/Searches for the URL):
    Prince Of Qin is an action role-playing game, which takes place around 2,200 years ago during the last 20 years of the Qin Dynasty. Players can play as Fu Su, the Crown Prince of Qin. According to history, the Prince committed suicide in obedience to an imperial decree that was forged by his younger brother Hu Hai, who went on to become the Second Emperor of Qin. In this game Prince Fu Su does not die, but strives to take revenge on his enemies and becomes the Emperor of Qin in accordance with his birthright.

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5463) on Jul 16, 2004.

Strategy First 2002 Product Catalog:
    Take a trip back to ancient China in Prince of Qin, an Action RPG that blends fighting and strategic elements to bring the historical Qin Dynasty to your PC. Meet over 70 NPCs based on real historical characters in over 100 different settings including the Great Wall of China and use a variety of weapons or create your own to fight your way to the Emperor's throne.

    Contributed by Riamus (8520) on Sep 27, 2003.