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Prince of Qin Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu Screen
I just want some sleep and the cook has a quest for me.
I hope the guards will let me enter the city gates.
I'm freezing in this snow.
A battlefield. The lion is on our side.
Because of you these people were massacred.
City map window.
Defeating wolf ambush.
Defusing a trap.
Encounter with Qin troops on battlefield.
Every item has detailed description.
Hun military camp.
If the final strike is fire element attack the enemy will burn alive.
Inside a barrack.
Inventory window.
Its a tiger! Kill it!
Battle with mechanical sentry.
Entering rebel camp.
Hidden peach garden.
She accidentally stepped on a trap
The final battle is about to begin.
They wanted to take my gold, i took their heads.
Tomb of the Emperor.
What makes this game amazing is the ability to build many items, weapons and armor from raw materials.
You can even find a meteorite.