The Princess Bride Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting a new mini-game (demo)
Mini-game introduction (demo)
Instructions (demo)
Buttercup leaps, collects gems (demo)
Buttercup lets down the vine for Westley to climb (demo)
Our heroes depart the screen... (demo)
Level completed! (demo)
Engaging ROUS on the next screen (demo)
Starting a quiz round (demo)
Quiz instructions (demo)
Answering a question correctly (demo)
Rhyme questions (demo)
Completing a quiz round (demo)
Word-scramble questions (demo)
Picture-analysis questions (demo)
Getting a question wrong (demo)
Starting the Miracle Max mini-games (demo)
Finding an item on the list (demo)
Completing a round (demo)
Getting a hint -- showing what a required object looks lke (demo)
Getting penalized for clicking on a non-required object (demo)
Potion-making instructions (demo)
Mixing components, just like in the Legend of Kyrandia 2! (demo)
Potion-making gets more and more complex (demo)
We can modify the mixing with mouse gestures! (demo)
Further nuances to potionmaking (demo)
Alchemy sandbox, where the player can mess around with a complete array of reagents. (demo)