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Prison Break: The Conspiracy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and Main Menu
Thomas Paxton is protagonist
Visiting the boss, Jack Mannix
Michael Scofield is a target
The bus with prisoners is arriving the Fox River Penitentiary
Prison's playground overview
Thomas Paxton is walking near Michael Scofield
Meeting Capt. Brad Bellick
Proceed to your cell
Fight with Avocado who grasped your neck (with QTE)
Walking to the yard
Geary gives you orders
Setting focus on T-Bag
Fighting with T-Bag
Punching the heavy bag
Lifting the weights
Climbing the ledges
Climbing the pipe
Speaking with Mannix on the phone
Interesting poster
Focusing on Abruzzi, boss of prisoners
Guardian is watching the fight
Hiding in the locker
Hiding behind the wall
In the lift shaft
Climbing the building
Seeing that Scofield is visiting a doctor
Hiding under the car
Spinning the wheel
Picking the lock, while guard is patrolling
Prison riot
Writing another entry to electronic diary
Avoid the sniper
Seeing the secretary near the office of Warden Pope
Police doesn't think that you may climb the roofs of the prison
You should not jump, when guard is using the binoculars
Aldo is visiting Paxton
Underground fight with Brad Bellick
Meeting Mannix in the prison, Paxton has a tattoo
Fighting with Mannix, wearing uniform