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Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Credits

Development Team

ProducerEvan Robinson
Assistant ProducerLani Blazier
Art DirectorEduardo Gonzalez
Game Design byVictor Cameron, Otto Ingi Ottosson
Art Creation byLara Kehler
Programming byRichard Mitchell, Owen Wiggins
Character Creation byJesse Turner
Documentation Coordination byOtto Ingi Ottosson
ArtistsMya Aubin, Javier Harriman
Sound Designer / ComposerMark Wiebe
Voice Acting byVictor Cameron, Lara Kehler

Management Team

Chief Executive OfficerDaniel Irish
Director of Product DevelopmentStéphane Morichère-Matte
Director of Human ResourcesKathy Gibson
Finance & Office ManagerNatasha Montini
ProducerMark Baxter

Product Distribution

©2007 All Rights ReservedGameagents Corp., Gnosis Games Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (195832)