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Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Profile creation
Main menu
Game options
The story is split in chapters
Kimmy Jenkins
World map
Assignment 1
Assignment 1's suspect info
Venus statue
Pause menu
Gameplay tutorial
Art gallery
Found a robot in the painting
By finding all the hidden objects, new path unlocks to progress the story
Spot-the-differences game
The thief
Finding the words.
Assignment complete
Level statistics
Assignment 2 description
Assignment 2's suspect info
Found a crystal ball
Egyptian temple
Found the whip, Indy-style
Puppet criminal
Spot-the-differences game
Finding words.
Assignment 2 complete
Some words of praise for solving the case so quickly
Assignment 3
Stamp collection
Making the window inactive effectively pauses the game
Max Thunderbolt is your second assistant
Assignment 5 person of interest is Mayan Mel
Assignment 6 case
Looking for hidden items in a snowy Austria
Assignment 6 spot the difference
Assignment 7 case
Trying to catch Madame Mayhem on a film
Looking for a ringleader for a secret organization
Case 9 takes place in Tokyo, Japan
Hunting for Dr. Furious in Barcelona on case 11
Talking to Shade, your third assistant
Facing the infamous Dr. X