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Project IGI: I'm Going In Credits (Windows)

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Project IGI: I'm Going In Credits


Game ConceptAndrew Wensley (Project Leader - Eidos Interactive)
ProgrammingAnders Dybdahl, Paul Endre Endresen, Martin Gram, Pål Holmberg, Henrik Holmdahl, Ole Marius Liabø (Lead), Johan Øverbye, Stein Pedersen, Tim van Klooster
Additional ProgrammingThomas Hagen
MusicKim M. Jensen (Musician & Sound Designer)
Level DesignOle Marius Kohmann, Jolyon Leonard, Gavin Skinner (Lead)
ArtJoachim Barrum (Artist, Character Animation), Mikael Noguchi (Artist, Character Design), Olav-Rasmus Vorren (Lead Artist)
ProducerRichard Carter, Frank Hom
Executive ProducerEd Bainbridge
Assistant ProducerAndrew Norman
External Development ManagerDavid Rose
M/C Co‑ordinatorJason Walker
Mastering EngineerPhil Spencer
Compatibility EngineersRay Mullen
QADaryl Bibby (Lead Tester), Lawrence Day (Tester), Steven Didd (Tester), Jean-Yves Duret (Assistant QA Manager), James Featherstone (Assistant QA Manager), Francesco Fraulo, Chris Ince (Tester), Chris Rowley (QA Manager), Henning Strandvik (IGI QA), Matthew Hutchinson
QA LocalisationJean-Yves Duret (Assistant QA Localisation Manager), Maike Loane (Tester), Byung-joon Samuel Kil (Tester), Alexandre Lepoureau (Lead Tester), Jürgen Lottermoser (Tester), Marco Vernetti (Tester), Iain Willows (Tester)
Casting and Voice ProductionPhilip Morris
Voice TalentDanny McCall, Amanda Mealing, Larissa Murray, Kerry Shale
MarketingDavid DePaulis (Product Manager - US), Rebecca West (Product Manager), Olivier Salomon, Christel Camoin (Product Manager France)
PREva Whitlow (PR Specialist)
LocalisationHolly Andrews (Localisation Manager), Flavia Timiani-Dean (Group Localisation Manager), Jacqui Ralston (Printed Materials Coordinator)
Creative ServicesMatthew Carter-Johnson (Creative Services Manager), Caroline Simon (Creative Designer)
LocalizationPaul Motion
Manual Design & LayoutA Creative Experience
Special ThanksJohn Windham (Integrated Defence), Tim Boonstra, Matthew Houlbrooke, Team Extreme [Innerloop], Andrew McNab, Robert K. Dyer, David Cox, Gary Kinnsch, Dan Johnson, Jamie Bartaloni

Eidos Interactive Germany

Lead Production/MarketingLars Winkler
Product ManagerStephan Mathé
Creative ManagerAnusch Mahadjer
PRJulia Bouvman, Julia Sasse
Localization ManagerThorsten Hamdorf
QA ManagerSören Winterfeldt
TesterLars Schmeink (XL)
TranslationsRedaktionsbüro Böck, Terence French, Sabine French
Manual Design & LayoutA Creative Experience
Special Thanks toHermann Jahnke (Merlin)

Eidos US

Shadow ProducerFrank Hom
QA ManagerBrian M. King
Assistant QA ManagerColby McCracken
Lead TesterColby McCracken
Assistant Lead TesterBeau Teora
TestersErik Kennedy, James Cabot, Daniel Franklin, Mike Orenich, Ron Lauron, Robert Swain, Clifton Wherry, Matt Ranalli
VP of MarketingPaul Baldwin
Marketing DirectorSean Amann
Product ManagerDavid DePaulis
Associate Product ManagerBrandon Suyeoka
Channel MarketingRandy Stukes
Public Relations ManagerGreg Rizzer
Public Relations SpecialistBryan Davies
Creative DirectorSutton Trout
Graphic DesignerLi Shen
Operations ManagerMichael Minson

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (195820), Francesco Fraulo (11), formercontrib (159202), Xoleras (66738) and Jason Walker (1779)