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atari mania

Project IGI: I'm Going In Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
the Mission Selection screen..
Mission briefing sequence points you your goals and how to achieve them.
Best tactic is sneak and destroy. Making sirens go ON can mean your certain death.
When doing certain actions like climbing or jumping, camera angle automatically changes, but you're free to use your camera movement as long as you're executing the action.
Zooming is great to scout an area for certain threats and measure your distance.
It's recommended to pick enemy's weapon as it can be quite an addition, or at least an ammo pack.
Your satellite map navigation can zoom rather more then it's needed.
Sniper is great for far targets and cameras.
Yet, on close encounters, knife is a fine asset to your combat equipment.
There are many ways to sneak behind enemy lines (just so you know, bigger resolution means nothing improved, sigh).
Sneaking past the enemy airfield.
Hmm, this compound seems surrounded by walls... but there's gotta be some way in.
some medical attention may be required every now and then
twin uzi's - you get them really late in the game, and not for long either
another gun that doesnt last.. the Colt Anaconda
Miss Ekk..
..in all her glory.
Anya in person, and at work..
Silent hunter
Slash the sniper
Classic headshot
Rope ride