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Proun Windows Title screen



Proun Credits

39 people (23 developers, 16 thanks)


Game DesignJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
Track DesignJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
GraphicsJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
ProgrammingJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
ToolsJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
Music CompositionsJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
WebsiteJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
MarketingJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
BugsJoost van Dongen (Oogst)
Sound DesignArno Landsbergen (Ammo)
ArrangementsArno Landsbergen (Ammo)
Music ProductionArno Landsbergen (Ammo)
Alto and tenor saxophonesThom Kooijmans
Basic gameplay ideaHuub van Summeren
Special thanks toRubin de Bruijn, Thomas van Dijk, Erik van Dongen, Bruno Molteni, Ogre forum,,,, Ronimo
Thanks for playtestingerkantural, Georg Weidel, Jesse Stephenson, shaman.sir, trancefer, Florent Poiraud, Jan Roman, Rick van Beem, Skylar Sokol, Vincent Goossens
Proun is powered byOGRE - Open-source 3D graphics engine
Audio libraryIrrklang
Physics engineOpen Dynamics Engine
Object Oriented Input SystemOIS
Networking engineRakNet
Crypto++, a set of encryption algorithm byWei Dai, and others
Forgotten Futurist, a font byRay Larabie
Nullsoft Scriptable Install SystemNSIS
Very special thanks to these awesome pieces of inspirationWassily Kandinsky (Composition VIII; 1923; Composition VI; 1913), Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan (Victory Boogie-Woogie; 1944), El Lissitzky (Proun G7; 1923), Jean Tinguely (Wundermaschine; 1956), Kurt Schwitters (Merzbau [reconstruction]; 1933), Fred Ford (Supox; 1992), Paul Reiche III (Supox; 1992)

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