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atari kombinera

Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog on a Stick Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction, at the recycling center. Or is it a dump? I can't tell, the sign is throwing me off.
Pep drags a bag of stuff for recycling...
...which somehow turns into a pogo stick.
Title screen
Main menu
Oh gosh, it's my old name again...I thought I was past that already!
Picking a level, and an option to cheat...err, help out young players. But mostly cheat.
Try and get as many bones as you can, and going to the checkered flag when you're finished.
Watch out for the enemies!
Wow, for an enemy he sure seems well-intentioned.
Every five levels (aside from 5, 95 and 100) there is a space that will trigger entry to the bonus level.
Try and get all the presents you can. It's much harder than it looks.
The bear is back in the desert, even adapting to his surroundings.
This sticky stuff will slow you down.
Okay, I'm beginning to question how much the enemies in this game qualify as enemies.
Oh the wonders of what a cape can do.
If you play this game yourself, you will learn to hate these beach balls. So much.
Even by the beach, they still adapt!
Nothing like a leap of faith using the double jump pad (the blue one near the start of the level).
Here is the kid-friendly custom level editor. It doesn't have as many features as the full game, but it's still fun.
Here is the level in action.
Sometimes, you can make levels deceptively difficult...
...because once the skunks go on one double jump pad, they're stuck double jumping for all eternity!
The tiger can also get stuck on the green stuff.
An icy level
Jumping on drums with more cute tigers and nice ethnic music in the background... unfortunately the tigers disappear after this stage.
Pep in a warehouse
Jumping on this yellow flower transports you to a bonus level.
Bonus level entering screen
Putt-Putt comes to rescue Pep (and say more of these annoying and useless Junior Arcade phrases).
Probably the visually most boring stage - old tires.
Even more bears, this time in an ancient Greek style.
Final stage - castle turrets