Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Credits

Humongous Entertainment

Interactive DesignEdward Pun, Brian Pulliam
Lead ArtistEdward Pun
Lead ProgrammerBrian Pulliam
Associate ProducersMary Anne Avery, Susan Merrill
Dialog Written byLaurie Rose Bauman
ProgrammingKerry Cassady, Dolores Carney, Brian Kent, Paul Briehl, Kuilleke Jarvine, Dave Timoney
Sound Effect ProgrammingGeoff Kirk
System ProgrammingStephen W. Johnson, Christopher Blackwell, Steven Magladry, Brad P. Taylor
Lead AnimatorJames Bradrick
Traditional AnimationKathy Anderson, John Michaud, Fred Sodt, Jay Prochaska, Andrew Brinkworth, Travis Kotzebue, Maria Mailey
Character DesignJames Bradrick, Scott Brothers
Storyboard ArtistsJames Bradrick, Scott Brothers, Mark Peyser, Tom Witte
Lead Computer Art & AnimationGreg Griffith
Computer Art & AnimationMark Lautenbach, Becky Sommers, Cisco Javier Martinez, Michael Jacob, Valerie Kissling, Chip Beal, Matt Kuphaldt
Background LayoutsEdward Pun
Lead Background ArtistDerek McCaughan
Background PaintingsDerek McCaughan, Leslie Harrington, Kyle Shold, Stacey Birst-Yates
Lead Ink & PaintSteven Nasker
Digital Ink & PaintChris Thompson, Jung-Mi Park, Jed Dunkerly, Jennifer Eiler, Laura Exley, Brent Hobbs, Gene Lange, Jason Medisky, Teresa Stieg, Annie Patterson, Kyle C. Jones
Music Composed byScott Lloyd Shelly
Additional Music byDennis E. Wilson
QA LeadElizabeth Campbell
TestersMarcus King, Kyle Casperson, Michael Gilbrough, Daryl Seager, Randy Ochs, Kelly Brown, Theresa Robinson, Joshua Prigg, Greg Hertager, Brian Moore, Robert J. Ochs, Patrick Hoynes, Stephanie Lopes, Tim Wright
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsBob Lenth, Patrick Thangsombat, Nate Hall, Dirk Hunter
Online Help created byCaroline J. Sherley
Voice Talent DirectorGinny McSwain
Voice Recorded atBad Animals, Screen Music
Musicals Recorded atReel Spirit Recording Studio
Featuring the Voice ofNancy Cartwright (as Putt-Putt)
Additional Voice Talent byHenry Dardenne, Stefan Mitchell, Ken Boynton, Scott Burns, George Catalano, Jeff Steitzer, David Scully, Kelly Wright, Jessi Badami, Kathy Levin, Laura Kenny, Kathleen Seymour, Bhama Rogers, Kymberli Colbourne, Graham Staff, Trinity Ward, Rebecca Ireland, Gail Shelly, Sophie McDonald, Tristan Bancks
Putt-Putt character created byShelley M. Day
CopywriterCaroline J. Sherley
Art Director: Packaging & ManualTonya Arriaga, Marci Knutsen
Lead Graphic Designer: Packaging & ManualKris Beecroft
Illustrators: Packaging & ManualRon Goodfellow, Lynden Jackson
CommunicationsBrandon Smith
MarketingMichael Salvadore, Nathan Stewart, Chris Munson

Bad Animals (Seattle, WA)

Audio EngineerSuzie Brutke-Smurdon

Screen Music (Studio City, CA)

Audio EngineersGordon Suffield, Ernie Shefley

Reel Spirit (Mullumbimby, Australia)

Audio EngineersCharlie Azzopardi, Aaron Perger, Chris Deegan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave Timoney (976)