Putt-Putt Joins the Circus Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Putt-Putt's off to Apple Valley to see the circus!
B.J. Sweeney has enlisted Putt-Putt's help for these circus performers; it's your quest list...
Under the Big Top...can you almost smell the popcorn?
Toss peanuts to the cars that pop up in this little game.
This little fellow needs Putt-Putt to find his boss and a new tent.
This regal guy feels a little ridiculous in someone else's bathing suit - can Putt-Putt find his costume?
This poor bear is miserable with his fleas.
But Putt-Putt is happy to have found them...well, sort of! A flea version of "Where's Waldo"...
Another side quest - this sawing machine is missing its saw.
Like petty bureaucrats everywhere, this guard wants to see papers signed in triplicate before letting Putt-Putt through!
The high-wire act, missing their net.
This one needs a better umbrella for balance.
The circus musician, whose pipes are out of order.
Listen to the sound each pipe makes, and put them in ascending order.
Make your own funny faces. (and print them!)
Putt-Putt needs a book to translate Honker's beeps.
Stumbled across someone's juicing center...
The obligatory concentration game
This magician is trying to make a proper gift for Putt-Putt...a chicken??
Hmmm, could this have anything to do with the juicer?
This Strong Van might be in need of some vitamin-packed freshly made vegetable juice.
The fleas reunited.
Honker has a new nose.
The circus is open for business and filling up fast.
Putt-Putt gets to throw pies...