Puzzle Agent 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Our hero, Nelson Tethers
Tether's most important investigation tool: His tape recorder
Puzzle instruction
After every puzzle we receive a rating
After solving a puzzle a window with additional information ("How to do it?") can be brought up
Title screen
Gum, also showing the highlight function
The inn
Some puzzles have additional rules to follow...
...in this example how to place the hotel guests
Exploring a dark alley
Rearranging photos is one of the most common puzzles in this game
In this menu, puzzles can be replayed
Astronauts play an important part in the plot
Tethers receives a mysterious message
Meeting one of the people known from the predecessors
Another popular theme for the puzzle designers: Math
The town map
Talking to a researcher
Free hint after failing a puzzle
Talking to the sheriff
Cutting through all chains with one cut
The hint window
A sliding puzzle
Meeting Kurka, one of Tether's only allies
Hmm, who might that be?
Tether's boss
Another puzzle, this time we need to recreate a path
Programming the correct way