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Puzzle & Board XP Championship is a compilation of many single-player casual games. It has the following game categories with the bracketed number of games in each.
  • Backgammon (3). There are three forms of the game, long, short, or symmetrical, all are played on the same board but have different starting positions. The game pays in a window that can be resized, can be played in 2D or 3D, and has three levels of difficulty.
  • Battleships (5). The player places their ships on a grid with the mouse, the right button rotates and the left places. When the placement is complete the player clicks on the opponents grid hoping to knock out all their ships before their own fleet is destroyed.
  • Bingo (1). The player plays against two computer opponents. Clicking the mouse starts the game and brings up the first / next number. The bingo cards are completed automatically.
  • Checkers (17). There are six variations of checkers here. The game is played on an 8x8 board with three ranks of pieces, a 10x10 board with three ranks of pieces and a 10x10 board with four ranks of pieces. Each game is played with two variations of the 'remove' rule. This group also includes 'Giveaway Checkers' with six similar variations of board and rules and the game Corners played on five board sizes.
  • Chess Tasks (10). These are ten chess problems in which the player is presented with a chessboard and several pieces and must, for example, achieve checkmate in two moves.
  • Chinese Checkers (2). There are two variations of the board size in this game.
  • Gomoku (10), This group also includes the Down XO games. Both are played on five different sized grids and the common objective is to place five pieces on the board in a row.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles (20). There are five pictures which are used in four different types of puzzle making twenty puzzle combinations. Two types of puzzle are rotational, i.e. the pieces are all in place and just need to be rotated to complete the picture. The other two pictures are the 'drag and drop' type of jigsaw one using traditional pieces and one using squares.
  • Knight (5). The object of the game is to move a knight chess piece around a board visiting every square, five different sized boards are available.
  • Mahjongg (15), Played entirely with the mouse in 2D or 3D mode. There is a high score table, music and sound. When the player runs out of tiles to match the remainder can be remixed.
  • Queens (9). Here the player must place a specified number of queens or knights on a grid in such a way that no piece can take another.
  • Turns (4). The player plays against three opponents using one or two dice whose highest number is three or six. Clicking on screen brings up the die with and the computer automatically moves the player's frog then moves all the other players. The object is to be the first to hop over a course of lily-pads strewn with obstacles and bonus moves.
  • Reversi (10). This collection includes the Mage games, both types of game are played on five different sized boards.
  • Words (5). This contains five themed versions of the popular game 'hangman.'
The games have sound, music, and play entirely via the mouse.


Puzzle & Board XP Championship Windows The end of a game of Reversi on the smappest sized board.
Puzzle & Board XP Championship Windows Backgammon in 3D mode showing some of the menu bar configuration options
Puzzle & Board XP Championship Windows One of the Queens games. Eight queens are to be placed on the grid so that none can attack the other.
Puzzle & Board XP Championship Windows One of the Words, or hangman puzzles

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