Puzzle Quest 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Hero creation
Our guide explains the game
First fight is against a pack of rat
Making matches of three skulls to hurt the enemies
The enemy launches a special attack
A match of four leads to an extra turn
Casting a spell to damage the enemy
A match of five leads to an extra turn plus a wildcard is added to the board
Awarded experience and items after winning a battle
Victory is achieved when the opposition is defeated
Level up!
This boy needs help with the goblins
Exclamation mark means a quest is available
That's one huge bell
Goblins are guarding these dungeons
Explosive skulls clears nine gems from the board
The enemy uses his special weapon attack
This mini game is played to decide how much loot the player gets from treasure chests
This mini game is for unlocking doors
Spell book
Teleports can be used for quick transportation
The bash mini game - for bashing in doors