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Pyrrhic Tales: Prelude to Darkness Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
A well-equipped party late in the game, standing outside an inn. Notice that the camera angle is rather shallow.
The inside of an inn. The roof is automatically removed when you are in a room so that you can see the characters and furniture. Notice that the camera is higher.
You can zoom the camera in to get a better view of your party.
The inside of a villager's hovel. PtD is unique in that it uses 3D polygonal graphics as well as an isometric view. This means that parallel lines in reality will remain parallel on the screen.
The aftermath of a large battle. Individuals or groups of NPCs will sometimes join you in battle. The pools of blood and skeletons are static objects. They will remain after the battle is over.
Some black demons have decided to attack you.
There are a number of combat options to select from. Your character's movement range is indicated by the shaded squares overlaid over the ground.
Night time in a crowded inn. Many NPCs go to sleep at night, meaning you have to wait until morning to talk with them. In this case, the opposite is true.
Dialogue options appear when speaking with Mirko.
The barter screen. The cost in coins is indicated with red numbers and a negative sign. If you are selling more than you are buying, the numbers turn green instead of red.
Character inventory and paper doll.
Character skills. You gain skill points by leveling up as well as by using a skill. You can spend skill points (gained from quests) however you want.
Spells. Spells have a set range, and consume action points and mana (or "will", if a healer). In this case, 20 levels in the Gifts of the Goddess skill are also required before you may cast the spell.
The town map. Clicking on the square icons sets the navigational compass to that location. You must have already visited the location though.
The quest log and journal. I don't think this screen was functioning properly. Many of the links and buttons didn't work.
The world map. In most cases clicking on the square icons allows you to quick-travel to that location. You must have already visited the location though.