Pyst Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Woodstock Hippies invasion in the island of My... I mean Pyst.
John Goodman as king of PYST.
The game is supplied with a Making Of video clip.
John Goodman on the stage.
That what happens when you click on the HELP button.
Each screen is a postcard with address and letter.
Right before the Pystplex.
Is it a dentist's office now?
Each postcard features a unique hand-writing.
Lots of ads around the world.
Ah... Famous rocket of PYST island.
Inhale... Hold... Exhale!
Russians at the Chernobyl 2000-R
Nothing works anymore!
Finally, a king of PYST in the bathtub.
PYST log cabin one-in-a-lifetime offer.