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Quake 4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen.
Main menu.
Assault on the Strogg planet (Introduction).
On a surface.
First kill.
Dispersal Facility.
Railgun (Zoom).
Battle with Harvester.
Waiting for an operation.
Strogg health station.
Gore in Space
Go! Go! Go!!
Dropship ready... hmmm, is this Aliens all over again?
...or maybe Starship Troopers?
Approaching the Strogg planet
Any landing you can walk away from...
Getting orders from a field commander
Ready to go in!
Ah.... remember these?
Stroggs ahoy!
Luckily your marine buddies help you this time
Fancy-shmancy light effects
Menacing shot of a Strogg
Regrouping with a squad of marines
Right in the gut
Stroggs phase-out with some impressive effects whenever they die
Another one bites the dust (another marine that is)
Mission objectives updated
Using an elevator in a Strogg tower
This creature on the roof of the third Strogg tower is very hard to defeat
The napalm launcher is a new multiplayer weapon added in the 1.3 patch.
He got stuck in there. Not my fault.
Rhino Squad's sharpshooter Cortez. This guy never misses his targets and he takes them down mostly with one bullet. So why should I do all the difficult work if he's around?
If the captured humans do not have what it takes to be a Strogg, the Stroggs turns them into this. Torso Batteries, a way to get bio-electronic energy.
After having his head rolling around in Quake 3 Arena and being heavily wounded in Doom 3, Webb thought that joining the army against the Strogg would be less deadlier.
German version of Quake 4. Medic Anderson is going in the cage.
German version of Quake 4. After the cage closes, you only see this screen and you hear a few audio files. Nothing more. This is quite different in the other versions.
Rough landing... the pod melts the metal floor and stops in the next room
Claustrophobic atmosphere here, almost underwater-like