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Quake: Episode 5 - Dimensions of the Past Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The regular main menu
The start area where a difficulty level can be chosen.
Enter to start the game for real.
You can also discover a fourth, nightmare difficulty.
A Grunt has been taken down.
Using the nailgun.
This level has explosive crates.
Underwater, wearing a bio suit and using the quad damage power-up, adding a green and a blue filter to the screen.
Shooting an Enforcer with the double-barreled shotgun from behind.
Level completed.
In this level you need to find alternate paths to get behind doors that are powered down.
A large area
You are ambushed from above.
Some Knights in a tight passage.
Fighting two Death Knights.
The Fiends cross the distance quickly.
Some secrets require impeccable jumping timing.
There is a silver key to the left.
There are often many switches, also used to open secret doors elsewhere in the level.
A zombie
Fighting a Shambler.
Launching a grenade.
Using the lightning gun.
A level with many small corridors
Targeting a Vore.
Lava and a moving platform