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Quake II Credits

43 people (40 developers, 3 thanks)

ID Software

ProgrammingJohn Carmack, John Cash, Brian Hook
ArtAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Paul Steed
Level DesignTim Willits, American McGee, Christian Antkow, Jennell Jaquays, Brandon James
BusinessTodd Hollenshead, Barrett Alexander, Donna Jackson

Cinematic Sequences

Ending Cinematics byBlur Studio - Venice/California
Environment models for Introduction Cinematic byKarl Dolgener
Assistance with environment design byCliff Iwai

Sound Effects and Music

Sound Design bySoundelux Media Labs
Music Composed and Produced bySoundelux Media Labs
Music Composer (additional music)Bill Brown
Level Music bySonic Mayhem
Quake II Theme SongRob Zombie
ClimbJeremiah Sypult
Voice of computers byCarly Staehlin-Taylor


ProducerMarty Stratton
Marketing Product ManagerHenk Hartong
QA Project LeadsTim Vanlaw, John Tam, Douglas Jacobs
Quality Assurance TestersSteve Rosenthal, Michael Spann, Winnie Lee, Steven Elwell, Derek Johnstone, Igor Krinitskiy, Ian Stevens, David Baker, Chad Bordwell, John Santamaria
Manual Written byMarc Saltzman
ThanksMitch Lasky, Sandi Isaacs, Michael Rivera


Manual DesignJACKHAMMER - Dallas/TX

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Marty Stratton, 40 other games
Donna Jackson, 37 other games
Paul Steed, 36 other games
American McGee, 36 other games
John Cash, 31 other games
Todd Hollenshead, 30 other games
Ian Stevens, 29 other games
Chad Bordwell, 29 other games
Steven Elwell, 25 other games
Brandon James, 24 other games
Christian Antkow, 23 other games
Jennell Jaquays, 22 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by AdminBB (108), Accatone (5319), Corn Popper (69091), Apogee IV (2324) and Brian Hirt (10025)