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Quake II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Hope this'll wash out...
This time you're not the only space marine, but the others are worse than useless
The Strogg like to fight each other
Watch out, that first steps a doozy
Notice the veins in your character's arm?
A Strogg roadblock
The Strogg seem very much into vivisection
Fighting some brains
Did I mention the Strogg like to fight each other?
Mission briefing: asassinate Makron
Macron is dead!
Strogg continue to fight even after being decapitated
The ultimate Strogg Tank
Battle with the Big Gun guardian
Makron comes in riding a bio-mechanical battle armor thingy
Quake 2's final battle with Makron
The "real" Strogg leader... or just a Superfly Strogg Tank
This item makes you Immortal for a short time
This gonna hurt...
A Superfly-StroggTank
Configure my Character
easter egg
A little secret before you leave the exploding Makron-base
I'm Crazy!?
Tim Willits didn't get very far.
Projected shadows are also possible in Quake 2, you only have to edit config.cfg
Quake 2 running on modern hardware.
Do yourself a favor and avoid these girls.
This guy has a heavy personality.
Super shotgun vs typical stroggos.
Meat market
Ate my rocket!
Nice explosion
Crawling in the dark
Multiplayer - first aid kit.