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Quake III: Team Arena Credits

86 people (70 developers, 16 thanks)


ProgrammingJohn Carmack, Jim Dosé, Robert A. Duffy
ArtAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Seneca Menard, Fred Nilsson, Kenneth Scott
Level DesignChristian Antkow, Jennell Jaquays, Tim Willits
Game DesignGraeme J. Devine
Id Software CEOTodd Hollenshead
Director of Business DevelopmentMarty Stratton
Office Manager and Id MomDonna Jackson
Development AssistanceEric Webb
Bot AI and Additional ProgrammingJan Paul van Waveren
Additional ProgrammingJohn Cash
Character models and animation byPaul Steed
Additional map work byMartin Cluney
Additional model work byBeau Anderson
Manual written byWilliam W. Connors
Executive ProducersJonathan Knight, Laird M. Malamed
ProducerSteve Rosenthal
Director, Global Brand ManagementDusty Welch
Brand ManagerKevin Kraff
Manual ProductionSylvia Orzel, Michael Rivera, Ignited Minds
Production TestingBrelan Duff, Aaron Gray, James Hudson, Michael Stephan
Quality Assurance Project LeadStephen Boisvert
Quality Assurance Sr. Project LeadJuan Valdes
Quality Assurance Mgr. PC testingSam Nouriani
TestersMatthew Beal, Robert Fleischacker, Patrick Hearne, Cindy Le, Erin Martel, Jeffry Moxley, Brian Pass, Thaddeus Sasser, Jesse Shannon, Frank So, Kevin Spangler, John Sweeney, Daniel Taylor, Glenn Vistante, Eric Zimmerman
Team Arena InstallerJohn Fritts, Drew Petterson
Special ThanksNeil Barizo, Ron Doornink, Jeremy Gage, Lawrence Goldberg, Daniel Hagerty, Chris Keim Sr., Jason Kim, Todd Komesu, Matt Morton, David Ray, George Rose, Brad Saavedra, Jim Summers, Tim Vanlaw, Kathy Vrabeck, Jason Wong
Motion CapturePyros Pictures, House of Moves, LocoMotion Studios
Sound DesignSoundelux Showorks
Music SonicMayhem
Manual and Package DesignFocus2
Portions of Team Arena based in part on the work of the IndependentJPG Group
Font Rendering performed byFreeType

Activision Europe

Senior VP InternationalScott Dodkins
Senior Brand ManagerMatti Kuorehjarvi
UK Sales ManagerIan Howe
Localisation ManagerNathalie Ranson
Localisation AssistantsMark Nutt, Simon Dawes
Creative ArtworkerAlex Wylde
European IT & Customer Support ManagerStu George

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10541) and formercontrib (158875)