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Quake III: Team Arena Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Choose your fight.
Loading screen
In two seconds he will have the rail and in three seconds I'll be dead.
The TA-Engine looks amazing and way better than the original from Quake III Arena.
One of the permanent power-ups: The Doubler (doubles your weapons damage).
In Overlord you nead to destroy this thing.
Your friendly squadmates wait for the beginning of the match.
I'm dead and that's the score board.
One of the new weapons
Taking down an enemy.
When you kill an enemy in the game-mode harvester, a skull spawns here which you need to collect and take to the enemy base.
You can give every member of your team orders.
Proximity mines - the best way to plant a trap.
Covering Khan while he takes the flag to the enemy base.
We won - but I didn't make the final capture.

Official Screenshots

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  • Quake III: Team Arena Screenshot