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Sleepless hours, messy room, tired eyes and 100 bottles of Coca-Cola. This describes the Quake player in 1996. And I can see why. Donatello (463) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.2
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (70 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Although it's not perfect, QUAKE excels at pure pulse-pounding action, and is more fun than I've ever had on a computer. It's the most immersive ‚Äúvisceral reality‚ÄĚ experience out now. I'm not alone in thinking this: The overwhelming majority of my friends quickly succumbed to QUAKE's addictiveness, particularly after trying DeathMatch and mouselook. The fast-growing pool of playmates, servers and add-ons will ensure that QUAKE stays at the top of my playlist, and the playlists of thousands of other gamers, for a long time.
Netjak (Mar 12, 2002)
I truly wish everyone could have had the same experience that I had with the game, and how it really did change my life. I played this game more than any game past or present. Many newbies might call me 86 and outdated, but so be it. Just remember youngin's, when you play your fancy new FPS, you would never have it without the birth of Quake
Will it have the same impact Doom had? Nope: its impact will be greater, influencing every future online and multiplayer game. With lord knows how many Quake servers spawning across the globe, all linked in a web of death and mayhem, this game should stay in the public's eye for years to come.
FZ (Dec 17, 2006)
Under årens lopp har otroligt mycket tillförts Quake, till största delen skapat av fans som brinner för sitt spel. När vi nu ser tillbaka på den tiden kan vi tryggt klappa oss själva om ryggen med säkert vetande att det var vi och Quake som lade grunderna för hur e-sport och multiplayer ser ut idag. För var skulle vi vara om inte id hade gjort Quake? Personligen tycker jag att det är en fråga som aldrig ska behöva besvaras!
PC Zone (1993-2010) (Aug 13, 2001)
Doom is for duellists, grudge matches, head-to-head. Quake is not. Quake is a multi-player game. Just when you hit Doom's four-player ceiling, Quake kicks in. Five-player is gory, seven-player is frantic. Ten-player becomes a massacre. Twelve-player is insane. Sixteen-player is beyond anything you'll ever play in the whole wide world. Quake is about wading in. Quake is about kicking arse, and kicking arse, over and over again until some-body blows your leg off. Quake is about dousing the level in pineapples. About farting about in low gravity, pummelling orbiting players with rockets. It's about fighting your way to the quad power, getting it, and then being immediately shot.
Mega Score (Feb, 1997)
Pronto, mais um jogo que os alemães não querem. Se isso é um sinal de sucesso, a iD Software pode dormir descansada. Enquanto a gente se mata em noites de insónia.
GameSpot (Jun 22, 1996)
Much more could be said of Quake, but I'll leave the rest for you to discover. The hype surounding this game has been almost unbearable, but in the end, Quake deserves every bit of advance - and until now, unverifiable - praise it has received. If you're into action games, and even if you're not, you should be playing Quake right now - it's as good as PC gaming gets.
So far, this is the best you can get in non-stop adrenaline and testosterone based competitive entertainment on the PC. Once you start to play Quake over the internet, you'll never get a damn thing done from that day forward! Mentally, Quake is an endorphin. Once you start playing it, you'll be hooked. Quake is almost as addictive as sex. Just go ahead and ask the wives of dudes who Quake on the net when their husband last came close enough to even touch them. Better yet, ask them when they last saw their husbands. ;)
Gamezilla (Feb 05, 2001)
Quake is fun. Quake is cool. Quake is the best game of its type I have ever seen. Quake won't let me sleep at night. However, Quake could be better. As I played it, I couldn't help but think, 'Wow, imagine what this place will look like when they are done!' With all its gee-whiz features and kick-butt style, Quake is still, in my opinion, a work in progress. Quake is more than the Doom III that some people have labeled it to be. However, it is also not the leap ahead that Doom was to Castle Wolfenstein. It just promises that there will be such a leap.
Game Revolution (Sep, 1996)
Quake is not just another 3D shoot-em-up game. It's a whole new level of gaming. The amazing performance and features of Quake are the future of gaming. Whether you are new to this type of game or you are an old Doom hack, you will fall in love with Quake. Grab yourself a copy and come play me on the 'net.
Oldies Rising (Aug 06, 2008)
Il n'est pas encore trop tard pour se lancer √† corps perdu dans Quake. Les Crysis, Far Cry, Half-Life¬≤ et autres Call of Duty 4 ne r√©ussiront jamais √† enterrer ce grand classique. Et si vous avez fini Doom II en long et en large, qu‚Äôauriez-vous √† gagner √† essayer Quake ? Vous pourriez go√Ľter une ambiance gothique et oppressante terrible, et passer du vieux sprite moisi au splendide mod√®le 3D non moins pixellis√©.
But you know what? Despite the anticlimax, I did feel like a hero - both as an eight-year-old, and just recently. I’d defeated a full, lengthy first-person shooter, bringing down the evil empire of Shub-Niggurath, and I damn well deserved to feel a bit of pride. So that eight-year-old went on to play more games, more challenging ones, games of different colours and flavours. Quake wasn’t just a fantastic game: it was the single experience that made me realise how awesome the medium could be.
Jeuxvideo.com (Aug 24, 2011)
Premier veritable FPS tridimensionnel, Quake est une perle. Transposant les bases de ses c√©l√®bres a√ģn√©s dans un monde tout en relief, id Software frappe encore un grand coup. Le soft arrive √† combiner son statut historique √† un plaisir de jouer toujours d'actualit√©. Car s'il a assez mal vieilli techniquement, il n'en reste pas moins un jeu de tir √† la premi√®re personne tout √† fait acceptable aujourd'hui. Ce succ√®s r√©side non seulement dans une atmosph√®re accablante mais aussi dans des m√©canismes de jeu bien rod√©s. Bouleversant les codes de l'√©poque, Quake a permis le d√©collage du genre tel que nous le connaissons actuellement. Comme Doom et Wolfenstein 3D en leur temps, Quake a su innover pour nous proposer une exp√©rience vid√©oludique inoubliable.
The graphics, sound, and intelligence factors combine to make a game that will scare the hell out of you! The main problem that Quake seems to have is a lack of identity. It wants to combine DOOM elements with Hexen elements which creates a mish-mash effect.
(Shareware version)
Es wird immer eine verschworene Id- und 3D Realms-Fangemeinde geben, und viele Argumente im Urteil √ľber Spiele werden Geschmackssache bleiben. Unbestreitbar ist, da√ü Quake die bisher realistischste 3D-Spielumgebung auf den PC-Monitor bringt. Daf√ľr sprechen Qualit√§t und Ausma√ü der Grafik-Darstellung, die intuitive Steuerung, das physikalische Modell und die stimmige Spielatmosph√§re. W√§hrend man sich im Einspieler-Modus noch etwas mehr spielerische Tiefe oder Abwechslung √† la 3D Realms gew√ľnscht h√§tte, kann Quake im Mehrspieler-Modus seine St√§rken voll ausspielen. Kontr√§re Meinungen wird es zu Recht wieder √ľber Id Softwares Definition des Begriffs Spielspa√ü geben. Aber wer sich die intensiven Szenen des Spiels nicht ansehen will, mu√ü es sich ja auch nicht antun. Jedermann sollte erwachsen genug sein, Quake als das anzusehen, was es ist: Ein Fantasy-Computerspiel f√ľr Erwachsene, denn in Kinderh√§nde geh√∂rt Quake auf keinen Fall.
Génération 4 (Sep, 1996)
Wolf 3D, Doom, Heretic... en matière de jeux de combat en 3D subjective, Id Software n'aligne que des hits avec, à chaque fois, un plus technique ou ludique appréciable. Avec Quake, le premier jeu entièrement en 3D temps réel. Id prolonge la légende !
Quake er det flotteste 3D-skydespil, vi har set til dato, og det er derfor synd at spilbarheden ikke lever op til spillets tekniske kvaliteter. Quake er for meget skydespil og for lidt tænkespil, Quake er statisk og konservativt - spillet er simpelthen blottet for nytænkning.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct, 1996)
Veel inspiratie om tegenstanders te bedenken hebben ze bij id niet gehad. Nochtans zijn de duistere middeleeuwen een dankbare periode hiervoor. Nee, voor de nieuwe monsters hoef je Quake niet te kopen. Wat blijft er dan nog over eigenlijk? De schitterende grafische engine, inderdaad. Daar valt niet veel op aan te merken.
Just Games Retro (Apr 18, 2009)
Quake's great fun and the forefather of modern 3D shooters. At the time, it maintained enough FPS conventions to be familiar, but also showed off its new effects well enough to herald the start of a new era. Looking back at it, there's still enjoyment to be had, but the lack of a story or absolutely breathtaking levels leaves just the standard "shoot everything that moves" gameplay that's little different and less advanced than today's shooters. Its step backward in color and level detail also gave "2.5-D" games like Duke 3D a brief chance to hold on, but the 3D revolution was coming, and Quake certainly deserved to lead the way.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct, 1996)
Quake is zeker geen slecht spel en als er voorheen niet zoveel ruchtbaarheid was aan gegeven, dan zou deze shareware versie ook zeer goed onthaald zijn geweest.
Coming Soon Magazine (Oct 15, 1996)
Overall, the game is not what it should have been. There were supposed to be things like nail-gun crucifixions, offerings of dead bodies to demon-gods, in close wrestling and flips, etc..., and none of it showed up. Next time Id gets an idea, they should keep it to themselves so that consumers won't be disappointed when it doesn't show up. And make sure their on-line setup works. You'll probably buy it anyhow because everyone's playing it, but it just isn't worth it. Now where did I put my Doom II...

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