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Destructoid (Jun 21, 2012)
This game is amazing, and I would gladly pay forty bucks for it. It almost seems wrong to enjoy a $15 title this much. Quantum Conundrum has more polish and charm than most full-price retail releases, and it plays just as well. It took me about eight hours to get through the story once, and I could easily spend another eight with it. There are collectibles scattered around, there's a leaderboard for each level so you can compete for best time and score, and you can get achievements by playing through all the levels and not dying. I don't have anything bad to say except that I wish I had more of it to play.
AusGamers (Jun 27, 2012)
Quantum Conundrum isn’t of the same calibre as its inspirational predecessor at Valve, but if you’re looking for a new first-person game that doesn’t involve violence, weapons or adult themes of any kind, the low entry price seals it as a worthy addition to a genre that we hope will continue to blossom.
88 (Jun 21, 2012)
Die immer wieder wunderbar verknoteten Puzzles sind nicht nur clever, sondern auch teilweise sehr fies - genau genommen so fies, dass man problemlos stundenlang an ihnen kauen kann. Das Schöne daran: Wenn man schließlich auf die Lösung kommt, ist sie meist so entwaffnend einfach, dass sich ein „Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann!“-Stirnklatscher kaum vermeiden lässt. Aber oft genug ist die Lösung auch sehr offensichtlich. Wie bei Portal braucht’s auch hier nicht nur Hirnschmalz, sondern auch sehr gute Reaktionen, um die gelegentlichen Sprungeinlagen zu meistern. Zu denen gesellen sich aber auch fummeliges Türmchenbauen sowie unnötig hektische Reaktionsspielchen, die nicht zum entspannten Rest passen wollen. Das ergibt unterm Strich einen der derzeit besten 3D-Puzzler, den man für Geld bekommen kann. Die schiere Genialität der Portals wird nicht erreicht, aber Quantum Conundrum liegt nur knapp dahinter.
Game Over Online (Jul 06, 2012)
I think Quantum Conundrum suffers unfairly from the comparison to Portal. As a guy who has been gaming for something like 35 years, and game reviewing for about a decade, games like Portal don’t come along that often. By all means, cherish them when they do, but then don’t go holding it up like a yardstick against every other game that comes along – you’ll never be happy playing games again, and you’ll gig games that are perfectly good in their own right. Quantum Conundrum, thin plot and kind of bland atmosphere aside, has some great puzzle action to it. For the bargain price of $15, it is well worth the price of admission.
Bottom line, this game is a fine way to spend several hours for a fine price as well. The challenges will please more core gamers while the comprehensible level design will likely attract new players attracted to the art style and refreshingly different gameplay mechanics. I recommend it heartily to fans of Portal (either version) as well as gamers who may be suffering from shooter fatigue. The more quirky little games like this that we can support with our dollars, the better the ecosystem will become.
83 (Jul 10, 2012)
I recommend it to anyone passionate about spatial puzzles that require switching dimensions (and more). Some of its shortcomings, like the platforming sequences, could be regarded as relative, because some people will be better than others at appreciating distances and the moments at which they need to react. What’s more, Quantum Conundrum is one of those games that you can enjoy with the entire family and can be shown to all the relatives and teachers who still believe that video games are only comprised of explosions and violence. And if you can ignore, as much as possible, how much it has in common with… that other game, it will only get better.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun 25, 2012)
Ego-Perspektive, Physik-Puzzles, Rätselkammern, schnoddrige Sprachausgabe: Quantum Conundrum orientiert sich ganz offensichtlich an Valves Geniestreich. Aber die charmante Knobelei besitzt dennoch genug Eigenständigkeit, um als neues, wirklich gutes Spiel durchzugehen. Schade nur, dass sich Story und Präsentation allerhöchstens das Prädikat „nett gemeint“ verdienen – da hat Portal 2 deutlich mehr zu bieten. Trotzdem: Wer gerne sein Hirnschmalz anstrengt, der sollte die 15 Euro investieren – es lohnt sich allemal.
Factornews (Jul 04, 2012)
Airtight reprend à son compte la sauce Portal et il faut avouer que celle-ci prend plutôt bien et ne sent pas le réchauffé. Le plaisir se renouvelle constamment et les particularités des dimensions donnent souvent lieu à des situations aussi improbables qu'épatantes. La pilule de la durée de vie passe d'autant mieux que le jeu ne coûte pas grand chose. On regrettera malgré tout une fin un peu expéditive et quelques éléments importants restant sans réponse. Des choses qui seront probablement développées dans les DLC qui sont déjà prévus.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 21, 2012)
Fluffy is everything! Verzeihen Sie mir den Anglizismus, aber Sie werden wissen, was ich meine, wenn Sie Quantum Conundrum gespielt haben. Und das sollten sie! Nein, es ist nicht ganz so perfekt wie Portal, und ja, das Finale geht leider gründlich in die Hose, aber bis dahin ist die Reise ebenso vergnüglich wie originell. Abgesehen von den Hüpfeinlagen natürlich; auf die hätte ich -- zumindest in dieser prominenten Form -- nun wirklich verzichten können. Trotzdem ist Quantum Conundrum ein richtig schönes Gute-Laune-Spiel. Und fluffy ist es sowieso.
IGN (Jun 21, 2012)
Quantum Conundrum's inventive puzzles put your brain to satisfying work. Everything surrounding the challenges feels a little empty and could use some of the rest of the game’s ingenuity. But a disappointing ending and lack of visual detail shouldn't keep you from the thrill of inter-dimensional puzzle solving. The foundation has been laid, and I hope to be cracking many more Quantum Conundrums in the future.
75 (Jun 22, 2012)
Pas facile de se faire une place au soleil quand on est un puzzle-game en vue subjective, considérant l'ombre que peut faire un certain Portal. Et pourtant, sans renier un héritage certain dans sa forme et dans sa progression, Quantum Conundrum parvient à se démarquer avec une ambiance radicalement différente et un système de jeu qui lui est propre. On pourra regretter des phases trop simples encerclant des moments bien exigeants et quelques automatismes trop systématiques, mais dans l'ensemble, la traversée du manoir Quadwrangle reste une expérience bien fun proposée de surcroît à petit prix.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Quantum Conundrum heeft te weinig glans en afwerking om aan het niveau van Portal te kunnen tippen, maar biedt nog steeds een meer dan aangename ervaring vol frisse experimenten.
GameSpy (Jun 21, 2012)
I'm aware of the fact that it's not entirely fair to compare Quantum Conundrum to Portal -- they have mostly different creative teams behind the scenes, different budgets, etc. But with a high-profile developer like Kim Swift at the helm, and a major publisher like Square-Enix backing the project, it's near-impossible not to. There's no disputing that Quantum Conundrum has some great ideas here, and perhaps it's even something this creative team can build upon. I just hope they dial back the amount of first-person platforming involved to solve these puzzles the next time around, and create a more-compelling world that I actually want to explore.
70 (Jul 12, 2012)
בסופו של יום, Quantum Conundrum הוא לא הפורטל הבא. מנגד, הוא עושה כל מה שהוא יכול כדי להביא לחובבי הפאזלים קונספט מקורי, מרענן ובעיקר מהנה שיחזיק אותם במשך עשר שעות לפחות, וכל זה תמורת מחיר נוח והוגן מאוד של 15 דולר לפני מבצעים. אנחנו מרוצים.
65 (Jul 04, 2012)
While I can applaud certain aspects of Quantum Condrum’s design and gameplay, there is too much that is bogged down. The lack of any danger, story, or any forward momentum is the biggest problem. Other problems are some generic puzzle designs and the general gameplay designs just repeated four times in a row. While it’s not a Portal clone it does share a lot of sensibilities with that game. If you are really into that game, this game is worth a look at, especially at 15$.
Splitkick (Jun 21, 2012)
Quantum Conundrum is a competent title with a questionable focus on platforming over puzzles. Valve needs to re-hire Kim and these devs, and they need to work together again. Portal was great due to the sum of their work; individually, their “dream” projects veer off with bad design choices. As for what you should do with your money? Try the demo. It will only get harder, but I’m inclined to recommend an original, faulty product over a safe, boring AAA title you’ve played before – any time, any place, any dimension.