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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire Credits


Executive ProducerCraig Alexander
Producer/ Project ManagerJay D. Usher
Technical ProducerMark Zechiel
Project CoordinatorShannon Haynes
DesignerLori Ann Cole
Art DesignerTerry Robinson
Software Design EngineerEric Lengyel
ComposerChance Thomas
Sound DesignerCraig Denny
Art DirectorJon Bock
Assistant Art DirectorMike Troup
Character DesignTim Loucks
Background DesignTerry Robinson
3D Graphics Engine TechnologyEric Lengyel
Director of TechnologyLarry Scott
System Software EngineerCorey Cole, John Harris (courtesy of Pulsar Interactive), Mike Haynes, Robert Eric Heitman (courtesy of Triton Interactive), Frank Kane, Eric Lengyel, Larry Scott
Additional System Software EngineersJason Hickingbottom, Bryan Waters
A.I. System Software EngineerJohn Harris (courtesy of Pulsar Interactive)
RPG System EngineerCorey Cole
Particle and Light EffectsEric Lengyel
Applications ProgrammersMichael Brosius, Joseph Clark, John Cunney, James R. Gisler, Scott Howell, Gary Kamigawachi, Jim Katic, Selva Kumar, Doug Oldfield, Matthew Ross, William Shockley, Christopher Smith, Srinu Tulluri
Technical AssistantsChris Jacobs, Jim Matson, Sean Phillips, Sterling Scott, Warren Woodward
Background IllustrationsDarlou Gams, Richard Hescox, Richard Powell, Terry Robinson
3D Background Modeling/ AnimationRenee Dunlop, Brian Judy, Becky Kosuge, Brandee Prugh, Donald Waller, Kent Yu
3D Background/ Inventory Modeling (3D Studio Max)John Lindemuth, Mike Troup, Kevin Wright
Character IllustrationTim Loucks, Richard Powell, Terry Robinson
3D Character Modeling (SoftImage)Mark Aro, Karen Lewis, Greg Poulos
3D Character Modeling / Animation ( 3D Studio Max)Mark Aro, Jurgen Brenkert, Darrell Johnson, Tim Loucks, Karin Nestor, Mike Troup
Opening Movie SequenceMark Aro, Jon Bock, Renee Dunlop, Darrell Johnson, Becky Kosuge, Tim Loucks, Karin Nestor, Brandee Prugh, Mike Troup, Donald Waller
Game Movie Sequences (SoftImage)Greg Poulos
Movie Sequences ScoringChance Thomas
Movie Sequences SoundTim Larkin
Post‑Production ArtistsAnanda Linde, Jim Matson, Daryle Smith, Kevin Wright
Additional Post-Production ArtGloria Garland, Dana Moody, various artists at Spotted Pony Productions
Sound Effects and Sound EditingCraig Denny, Tim Larkin, Jason Ramirez
Audio Engineering and ADRCraig Denny, Ron Lawson
Lip‑Synch EditorsRobin Bradley, Craig Denny, Jim Matson, Marsha McCarty, Jason Ramirez, Cindy Romero, Chad Schnittjer
Voice Directing and CastingCharles de Vries
Voice‑Over Audio EngineerAl Johnson
AbdimSteve Bulen
AbduelSteven Jay Blum
AbdullDoug Stone
AbdumMichael Sorich
AndreAnn Agrama, Steven Jay Blum
Ann AgramaMari Devon
ArestesDoug Stone
BankerMichael Carvin
BrunoSteve Bulen
BudarDiane Michelle
Cereberus #1Michael Sorich
Cereberus #2Steve Bulen
Cereberus #3Stephen Apostolina
CloudRoy Lee
ElsaAriana Weil
EranaWendy E. Cutler
ErasmusSteve Bulen
Head of FACSIan Ruskin
FenrisStephen Poletti
FerrariMichael Sorich
GortDoug Stone
GuardsMichael Sorich
GuardianMichael Sorich
JulanarJoyce Kurtz
KatrinaJoyce Kurtz
KokeenoSteven Jay Blum
LogosLarry Moss
Magnum OpusSteven Jay Blum
MarrakStephen Poletti
MinosSteve Bulen
MobiusGreg O'Neill
NawarElisa Gabrielli
ParrotSteven Jay Blum
PretoriousMarc Blancfield
Queen of AtlantisCarol Baxter
RakeeshBeau Billingslea
SalimSteven Jay Blum
SarraWendy E. Cutler
ShakraBeau Billingslea
SibylMarabina Jaimes
ToroGreg O'Neill
UgarteDoug Stone
WeaponerRoy Lee
WolfieDoug Stone
NarratorGreg Tomko-Pavia
Quality AssuranceJeremy Rosenthal
Yosemite Entertainment Support Team For LocalizationCraig Denny, Gary Kamigawachi, Jason Ramirez, Jay D. Usher
Quality Assurance ManagementMichael D. Jones
Quality Assurance AssistentSteve Deckert
Quality Assurance LeadJudy Crites, Robin Bradley
Quality Assurance AnalysisRich Robinson, James R. Gisler, Marsha McCarty, Scott Howell, Ron Milbrandt, Chad Schnittjer, Michael Brosius, Douglas Wheeler, Joe Carper, Nathan Clark, Bobby Steele, John Ratcliffe, Jeremy Rosenthal, Jerry Green, Ben Kennedy, Kevin Williams, L. Arbon Wilson
Quality Assurance TechnicianJillian Leonard
Data ManagementJim Matson
Website DesignTerry Robinson, Lori Ann Cole, Chance Thomas, Guy Welch
Website ProductionTony Hernandez
WebmasterRobin Bradley, Jon Meek
Website ProgrammingWilliam Shockley
Creative Support ManagementLori Lucia, Nathan Gams
Creative SupportRichard Powell, Terry Robinson, Guy Welch, Kevin Lamb
DocumentationGuy Welch, Lori Ann Cole, Susan Frischer
Product Marketing ManagementTom Craven
Brand ManagementKate Kloos, Brad Bethune
Brand Management AssistanceEsmee Williams
Public Relations LeadMonika Moulin
Public Relations AssistanceKristen McIntyre
Marketing/Public Relations AssistanceShelly Sischo
Project MaintenanceTony Hernandez
President & CEO Cendant SoftwareChris McLeod
President Sierra Online Inc.David P. Grenewetzki
Vice President Consumer ProductsTodd Coyle
Vice President SalesDanny Kearns
MIS Systems - Support ManagementBruce Hammerich
System AdministrationJeff Kreis
System Support EngineersRobert Fischer, Mark Budge, Jared Davis
Office ManagerPolly Starkey
Administrative AssistantsBarbara Eicker, Melinda Koontz
ControllerBeverly Lexvold
Accounts PayableAlicia Hood
Payroll and PurchasingMargie Walling-McFee
Human Resource ManagersLorraine Guerra, Sandi Clickner
RecruiterChristine Cicchi
Additional HR/ReceptionGeorgia Doolittle, Susan Chudy
Special Thanks toAll the fans who flooded our executives' email accounts and made Quest for Glory V possible, Ken Williams, Jerry Bowerman, Scott Fasser, David Landis, Barbara Dawson, John Williams, Rich Thumann, Thom Dirkson, Stephanie Hooper, Lynn Schaeffer, Robert Wharton, Jennifer Norberg, Chris Crilly, Joey MacArthur, Kelly McElroy, David Gehringer, Shelly Sischo, Travis Leonard, Richard Starkey, Rick Culver, all the Producers and teams at the Yosemite Entertainment development site that stepped aside from their projects in the final stretch supporting us when we needed it, and finally a special thank you to all the spouses and families that sacrificed their own time with their loved ones, giving their undaunted support in allowing this talented and innovative group of developers to create Quest for Glory V Dragon Fire

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159029), Ryan Prendiville (702), Corn Popper (69264), Brian Hirt (10056) and Xoleras (66720)