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Written by  :  Laura A. (3)
Written on  :  Apr 30, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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The Best Game of the Year!

The Good

There are so many things I liked about QG5. First I'll describe the layout of the game: the game is mostly in 3d and you can walk around just about every building in the game. It has a side view of the hero which I love (I hate games with first person or way above viewing). The game is most definitely user-friendly - easy to navigate. All you have to do is click the mouse on whatever you want to talk to, touch, or do whatever with. (This is different from the other QG games where you had to choose the option of your action by placing the mouse over the top of the screen). Also I love the battle syle of QG5. You can just click on your enemy and fight him/her/it without having to go into a certain battle screen. This makes it so more realistic! And now, onto the story of QG5: The King of Silmaria has been murdered and now a new king must be chosen. You must enter the rites of rulership and hopefully become the next king. Also, Silmaria is under the threat of the Dragon of Doom and so you must save Silmaria. The story isn't something new - I'll give you that, but the game totally makes up for it. As the game goes on everyone keeps getting murdered or poisoned! In fact, it's usually your job to save them. I love the fact that you don't die often (like every 2 secons) in this game. Many other games annoy the heck out of me because they keep making me die all the time! The last lovable thing about this game that I'll mention is the replay value. The game can be replayed many of times and you won't get sick of it. You can be a paladin, a wizzard, a fighter, or a thief. There are different options in the game for each of those classes, and you can marry different people! In my opinion, Dragon Fire should have been voted the best pc game of the year! It's my favorite game of all time, and will soon become yours to if you buy it now!

The Bad

Well, in order to marry a certain someone in the game, you need the QG5 patch which is available at the official QG site . The patch will also fix some of the other errors in the game that aren't a big deal at all (in fact you don't even notice them without the patch). I guess the only other thing I could say that disappointed me a teeny was how hard it was the first time I played. I couldn't figure out how to do Rite of Rulership 3 and so I was stuck for a very long time!!! The game is definitely worth the challenge!

The Bottom Line

If you like a good RPG adventure game that can be played over and over again, then buy this ASAP! Also, if Quest for glory 5 is going to be your first Quest For Glory game, I suggest buying the Collection series as well so that when people talk about how they last saw you in "Shapier" or "Mordavia" or etc, you'll know what they're talking about!