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If the player drowns they are given the message: "This is the lesson you've been taught — Guybrush Threepwood you are not. When by water you are surrounded -- Get to shore before you're drowned".

This is a reference to ability of the Monkey Island series protagonist's to hold his breath for ten minutes.

Contributed by Mark Ennis (130) on Apr 20, 2008. -- edit trivia

One of the characters in the game is named Kokeeno Pookameeso, which is probably twisted from 'kokkino poukamiso', Greek for 'red shirt'. There is a Greek play by that name, but it may also refer to the Star Trek tradition of red-shirted security officers - Kokeeno Pookameeso is a guard and dies early in the game.

Contributed by Timo Takalo (58) on Aug 27, 2004. -- edit trivia

The dance that the hero does in the dryad tree grove is almost identical to the baby dance seen on the TV show Ally McBeal.

The Dead Parrot Inn is resurrected here. A dead parrot was featured in a Monty Python skit known as "The Dead Parrot Sketch". The parrot inside the inn, however, is alive and well this time.

Contributed by OceansDaughter (109) on Dec 30, 2002. -- edit trivia

The story of the central character in Quest for Glory reached a definite conclusion in Part 5, Dragon Fire. A group of fans wanted more Quest so they started a project to create an unofficial sequel, Hero 6: The Rite of Passage. For obvious copyright reasons, the sequel could not be titled Quest for Glory. Hero 6 will have an entirely new hero. It will base on many familiar elements from the original series. The official site is here:

Contributed by ktchong (20) on Jun 14, 2002. -- edit trivia

A multiplayer option was planned for the game (it was actually present in an early demo of the game) but it wasn't finished in time. The developers planned to release a patch which added multiplayer support, they also planned to release an addon for the game. Neither of these saw the light of the day due to Sierra firing the team which made Quest for Glory V.

Contributed by Kate Jones (480) on Oct 08, 2001. -- edit trivia

Lori and Corey Cole, after leaving Sierra, started the new company TranSolar Games. They attempted to buy the rights for Quest For Glory from Sierra to continue the series, but Sierra refused.

Contributed by Eurythmic (2697) on Jul 20, 1999. -- edit trivia