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Quest for Infamy Credits

Infamous Quests presents Quest for Infamy

Produced bySteven Alexander, Shawn Mills
Executive ProducerMatt Katinas
Associate ProducerJames Broom
Story bySteven Alexander
Additional Material byShawn Mills, Jason Lamb, James Broom
Art DirectionJeremy Kitchen
Portrait & Character DesignJenny Pattison
Background ArtistsElissa Ng, Jon Taylor-Stoll, Ivan Ulyanov, Jason Lamb, Daniel Thomas, Jeremy Kitchen, Jenny Pattison
Lead Environmental AnimatorsJon Taylor-Stoll, Elissa Ng, Jeremy Kitchen
AnimatorsArseni Kondratenko, Jeremy Kitchen, Jason Lamb, Shane Stevens, Elissa Ng, Steven Alexander, Jon Taylor-Stoll, Matt Frith
ComposerJames Mulvale
Audio Editing & Sound DesignJames Mulvale, Elissa Ng
Mac & Linux PortsSunit Das, Les Wavrychuk
IQ & Medieval Pixel FontGoatmeal
ProgrammingCharles Huband, Shawn Mills, Josh Walts, Steven Alexander

Quality Assurance & Testing

Lead TestersElissa Ng, Arseni Kondratenko
TestersJason Lamb, Serena Nelson, Michael Shaw, Robert Mills, Douglas Baxter, Jon Taylor-Stoll, James Broom, John McMahon, Wayne Sung, Steven Festa, Goatmeal, Branden Tobin, Seth Ludeman, Sven Osterle, S_D, Michelle Das


Mr. Roehm, ProsperoSteve Patrick
RayfordSean Pratt
IanChristian Bell
KurdtMatthew C. Larsen
KayannaMarla Pasternak
VolerisKaren Hayman
JanSteven Alexander
Kessel, "The Narrator"James Mulvale
InaJen Calder
ArmandAgustín Cordes
KitAimi Percival
UdoIsaac Lundgren
Jerrod SmyrnaCyrus Nemati
Markus van HoutenPaw Dugan
Jarrett HummelJesse Lowther
Von DarklesJohn Robert Matz
Martin JapsworthJonathan Cooke
UotaarghRiver Kanoff
CardagasAnthony Sardinha
RhodomirRichard Dorn
JovanEdwyn Tiong
GaryethRick Dorn
BrattleBrandon Toy
GorthBen Wilk
RynnJames Broom
SerenaClaire Nicholl
The NecromancerAmber Leigh
JuanitaVictoria Masterson
NielsJamison Ward
LionelDavid Robert Smith
Additional VoicesTJ Hollis, Dave Mills, Robert Mills, Jordan Alexander, Matt Katinas, Amber Leigh, Ron Musial, Paw Dugan, Karen Alexander, Kimlinh Tran, Ben Wilk, Cris Skelton, James Broom, Noa Dorn

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toOur Families; Wives; Children; Significant Others; Mothers; Fathers; Brothers; Sisters; Cousins & Friends, You all supported and believed in us when it was the hardest. We love you., Our Amazing Fans, who made this game a reality; though their generosity and through their spirit and determination to quality games by quality people., To all those who pledged through Kickstarter to make this game a reality - thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts., You all made dreams come true., To All Of Those Who Have Worked With Us At Various Times Over The Last Decade... We thank you!!!, A. J. Alegria, Alan Danzis, Pat Thompson, Stephanie Femrite-Stevens, Jason Mearls, John-Paul Selwood, Allister Howe, Mike Galusha, David Robert Smith
This game would not be possible without the help, advice, inspiration and guidance from the following peopleCrimson Wizard, Monkey05_06, TheBitPriest, Chris Jones, Cesar Bittar, Katie Hallahan Rahhal, Vitek Goyel, Scott A. Steinberg (Scott Steinberg), Say Mistage, Goncalo Goncalves, Mario Kroll, Agustín Cordes, Jan Kavan, Matt Grandis, Laney Berry, David L. Gilbert (Dave Gilbert), Janet Gilbert, Ben Chandler, Francisco Gonzalez, Eriq Chang, Stijn van Empel, Britney K. Brimhall (Britney Brimhall), Christopher T. Warren (Chris Warren), Sean Nichols, Marco Rosenberg, Scott Murphy, Josh Mandel, Lori Ann Cole, Corey Cole, Jane Jensen, Mark Crowe, Chris Pope, John Sidoryk, Neil Billings, Serena Nelson, Ana Sprague, Annie Hsh, Idoia Irazuzta Fernandez, Dan Peach, Adam Wroten, Ronald Dragstra, Riggo, DaBlue, Nelson Miguel (for His Song!), The AGRM, Jaesun, Suejak, Kaldire, Goatmeal, and everyone else out there, who has supported us over the years!, THANK YOU!!!
In Loving Memory ofDee Connolly (Bridget)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Steven Alexander (47)