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GameZebo (Jul 10, 2014)
The result is a game that is nearly perfect in its presentation—its characters, dialogue, puzzles, and world are brilliant in their combination of believable depth and ridiculousness—but requires significant player effort to unlock all of its potential. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely. And at the very least, you’ll have Roehm to empathize with you when the going gets vague: “Oh, for God’s sake just let me go on and stumble upon what I’m supposed to find.”
IGN Italia (Jul 14, 2014)
Escludendo i combattimenti, l'assenza di mappa e di un quest log e l'arma a doppio taglio della libertà di azione e di esplorazione, Quest for Infamy ha tutto quello che ci vuole per rendere felice un avventuriero di vecchia data. Gli elementi ruolistici non pesano affatto, il mondo da esplorare è bello e pieno di sorprese, la longevità non delude e l'impatto grafico-sonoro è uno splendido omaggio alla tradizione avventurosa made in Sierra. Sconsigliato ai neofiti e a chi fatica con l'inglese, ma tutti gli altri non se lo lascino sfuggire.
82 (Jul 28, 2014)
Quest For Infamy allows past Quest For Glory players a bunch of laughs. It’s well designed and faithfully written, but you have to have played the old Sierra adventure games to get it. Quest For Infamy is one of those games that reminded me that a game doesn’t have to be “innovative” to be fun. If the phrase “Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School” means something to you, give it a try.
Mouse n Joypad (Jul 10, 2014)
Quest For Infamy is a game that celebrates and builds upon its legacy. It takes one of the most lucrative genres of the (relatively) old days, slaps some RPG on top of it and adds hilarious commentary for good measure. This is the best example of an old-school game done right.
80 (Jul 10, 2014)
Μου φαίνεται μάλλον απίθανο να κερδίσει νέο κοινό ο τίτλος, καθώς αποτελεί τόσο ξεδιάντροπο φόρο τιμής (ομάααααζ που θα ‘λεγε και ο Ταραντίνο) στην σειρά Quest For Glory που αυτοπεριορίζεται στο συγκεκριμένο κοινό. Η δε περιπλοκότητά του είναι τέτοια, που ένας χρήστης που δεν έχει «θητεύσει» στα εν λόγω παιχνίδια, θα δυσκολευτεί αρκετά να μπει στο πνεύμα της κατάστασης. Από την άλλη, οι γρίφοι, το γράψιμο και η καφρίλα της όλης κατάστασης, θα φέρουν εγγυημένα χαμόγελα στις παλιοσειρές.
RPGFan (Aug 19, 2014)
Still, I don't know if it's the 256-bit graphics or the fact that this game looks so similar to the most singularly formative gaming experience of my life (King's Quest VI), but Quest for Infamy manages to get a smile out of me even in spite of its flaws. While I couldn't recommend it to people who don't get what makes these classic-styled adventures special, anyone with an open mind or a history in Sierra gaming should sign up without delay.
Those who backed Quest for Infamy on their 2012 Kickstarter were able to get the digital version of the game for $10. The street price is $19.99 and will surely entertain you for many hours, even more so by completing all of the possible career paths. Given the mature themes and nature of the jokes, this game should only be played by gamers old enough to appreciate the Sierra classics. Christians who do not like magic or occult imagery in games would be best to avoid this title altogether.
The Digital Fix (Jul 23, 2014)
Despite every mistake that Quest for Infamy makes somehow the overall impression, particularly by the end, is rather positive. Perhaps it is because it tries so much, failing seems less of an issue. Yes, the user interface is a incomprehensible, the web of screens to traverse is unnavigable, the sound design is unlistenable and the fighting mini-games are uninteresting, but if one struggles to get beyond all this there is an adventure game worth exploring. The puzzles are solid, often intuitive without being too simplistic. The text and story line is well written, when not trying too hard to be funny, and the real sense of freedom to explore and solve multiple problems at once is a breath of fresh air to the genre as well as adding to its replayability. Quest for Infamy is an extremely rough diamond, buried under one too many layers of mess. If one can dig it out they will find a real gem, and it shows promise for future offerings from this team.
GamingExcellence (Sep 25, 2014)
Let's not make any mistakes here; Quest for Infamy is a very entertaining game. It's a beautifully constructed homage to older adventure games and it's obvious that the developers put a lot of effort into making a recreation of some of the games that they enjoyed growing up. What's also obvious, however, is that they stuck a little too close to some of the old formulas. A little bit more modernization and allowances for the fact that this game is being made twenty years into the future and Quest for Infamy could have been an amazing game. Given that the ending makes it clear that a sequel seems to be in the works, I'm hoping that a Quest for Infamy 2 makes some tweaks and changes that allow for some more intuitive play that isn't quite as frustrating and that cuts down on the annoyances that distract from gameplay.
Games Arena (Jul 21, 2014)
Quest for Infamy începe într-un mod fermecător, cu peisajele sale frumoase, muzica lină, vocile care doar ocazional sună înregistrate cu echipament de care eu aș râde și cu intonații care mă fac pe mine să par Morgan Freeman, dar rapid descinde într-o lălăială fără direcție, a cărei răsplată finală te face să strâmbi din nas. Are umor pe parcurs, deși numai jumătate din glume chiar sunt amuzante. Finalul de după final, că de, Marvel face asta, face aluzie la o poveste mai interesantă, dar considerând prețul jocului, dacă nu vor apela din nou la Kickstarter, am dubii că va vedea lumina zilei. Costă 20 de dolari, pe GOG. La acest preț, mai economisiți cumva încă 20 și cumpărați Divinity Original Sin, un joc ce conceptual se aseamănă foarte mult cu Quest for Infamy, doar că este mai bun de sute de ori în fiecare aspect cu putință. Dacă ar fi fost numai 10 dolari, hai să zicem că da, e un joculeț acceptabil la un așa preț, dar nu când poți cumpăra Shadowrun pentru mai puțin.
60 (Aug 01, 2014)
Zajímavý žánrový mix Quest for Infamy přichází se spoustou zajímavých prvků, které do hry vnášejí pocit, že se můžete svobodně rozhodovat a své cíle rozdílně naplňovat. Po čase ale kvalitu hry sráží horší design, úbytek nápadů a stereotypní souboje.
Adventure Gamers (Aug 18, 2014)
Creating a game that uses a blueprint of one of the most ambitious and adored gaming series from the '80s and ‘90s is always a daring proposal. I respect Quest for Infamy for that, and in many ways it succeeds in its goals. It offers a huge, living world to explore, it’s very pretty, has great music, and it maintains interest most of the time thanks to its strong conversations and mysterious plot. But the skills implementation, puzzles and combat are generally just okay, falling short in comparison to their decades-old inspiration. And when it strives to establish its own spirit through humour, it diminishes the whole homage endeavour with juvenile jokes that feel tacky and amateurish – an impression compounded by consistently poor voice acting. For the most part, Infamy’s story seems to take itself fairly seriously, and it works better when it does.
50 (Aug 28, 2014)
Ganz ehrlich, ich mag Quest for Infamy. Weil es sehr genau zwei Jahrzehnte alte Formeln abarbeitet, selbst wenn es dabei nicht immer ganz das Original erreicht - was irgendwie und angesichts des sehr stolzen Preises von 15 Euro schon irgendwie traurig ist. Aber als inoffizieller sechster Teil oder als Spin-off funktioniert es auf seine eigene schrullige Art. Es ist nicht dazu gedacht, modernen Adventures Konkurrenz zu machen, oder gar neue Spieler ins Genre zu locken. Es ist nur für uns alte Sierra-Säcke gedacht und wir sollten es mit all seinen Macken, Schwächen, Ecken und Kanten nehmen. So viele seiner Art gibt es nicht und etwas durchgestylter als die meisten Fan-Projekte ist es dann doch.
Quest for Infamy is never an outright bad game. It’s just one that evokes a sigh rather than anything else. There are some a few solid set-pieces and a few decent characters, the main questline has some decent moments, and there are even one or two good puzzles. As a Sorcerer, a lot of the early game requires getting reagents so that you can learn different spells, and the resulting cryptic scavenger hunt is clever and interesting. Alas, these bits are the exception rather than the rule: for the most part, Quest for Infamy just feels uninspired and a bit tedious. It’s rarely a bad time, but it’s equally rare for it to trigger anything in me other than a vaguely satisfied “eh.” It’s worth a play if you’re after another Quest for Glory, but it unfortunately apes the lows of that series rather than the highs.
Just Adventure (Jul 15, 2014)
There are both good and bad aspects to Quest for Infamy, and I have mixed feelings overall. I’m left with the impression that the game was created in a frat house following the consumption of large quantities of alcohol, and that the creators never sobered up enough to realize, “that really shouldn’t be in the game.” If you’re interested in an old-school adventure game that lets you explore and build-out an anti-hero character, then get this immediately. If you want something with a bit more polish, elegance, and class you should pass.
Game Watcher (Jul 10, 2014)
It’s a shame that Infamy devolves into such juvenile practices as there are some nice flourishes on display – for instance, the hand-drawn aesthetic lends a quaint, homely feel to adventuring that feels refreshing in light of the grandeur that western RPGs typically strive for – yet it’s impossible to root for a game that makes such a critical misstep.