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Quest for Infamy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The general store
The apothecary
The very idea of a bank in a small, medieval-like town is incongruent by itself, so here the game "breaks the fourth wall" and alludes to modern politics.
In this game you don't choose your character class at the beginning, but find a mentor at the game's first stage. To become a Sorcerer, you need to solve this little memory puzzle first.
A lot of the game's plot revolves around the tragic and mysterious story of the Killington family. These are the remains of their burned-down mansion.
This area used to be the Killingtons' garden.
The graveyard - I kinda seem to have a thing for graveyard screenshots, even though I'm in no way sinister, at most melancholic...
...though I admit that I visit my father and other relatives in the cemetery quite often and rather enjoy looking at other tombstones, even though "in real life" they are, of course, never funny...
The thieves' den - here a Rogue can fence off stolen stuff and enter the underground tunnels - however, no-one may steal here!
A beautiful part of the forest - relatively often you'll meet an enemy hiding behind the tree on the right.
In this game combat becomes a piece of cake, but only after you've upgraded your weapons. Steal a good sword and save money for a robust armor - you'll soon have it returned by robbing enemies.
Yup, that's a jaguar, in this not very South American or tropical area. However, it's the worst enemy from the financial point of view - jaguars don't carry money and don't have stuff you can sell.
The orchard, with a well which you can (and should) enter.
The loveliest home where you can steal something - rather 18th or 19th-century style than the medieval period. However, RPG temporal realities are usually rather vague...
...and some comments in this game indicate that if we have to pin it down, the plot may take place in the future, after some global disaster.
This barn is also a place where you can steal stuff, but it's completely safe because nobody is guarding it.
Roehm is on the run because he tried to sleep with the baron's wife. He would like to cross the bridge (seen in the north), but he can't because it has been damaged in the winter.
In this game there are three distinct time stages - daytime, evening and night. The evening is quite long, not just a fleeting transient phase like in most games with day/night cycle.
Another ruin of a home, and this one turns out to be related to the Killington family story as well.
You'll meet a man in the pub, whose father used to be the Killingtons' servant. Buy him whisky and he'll tell you the whole story.
These two trees can talk and will ask you to run an errand for them.
The panorama of Tyr, the Greco-Roman-styled port city, at night.
In this game there are quite a few panorama screens (such as the better-known mountaintop screen) - here's another one, in the southern part of the grasslands.
This house belongs to Prospero the wizard. If you choose the Sorcerer path, you'll interact with him quite much, at least until you learn all spells he can teach you and complete a quest for him.
This is your room at the Inn - quite large and elegant, isn't it?
The swamp - another type of screens I seem to love, even though in real life I certainly don't fancy swamps and have been to very few of them.
In this screen there is a lantern, but to enter the swamp - regardless of time of day - you need to catch some fireflies and release them there.
A meeting with the mysterious Kayanna - there is much more to her than just her blonde hair and big breasts...
Gate to the graveyard in the evening. A word of caution: in the night you'll find an undead in every screen of the graveyard, so it's prudent to avoid it until you have upgraded your weapons.
The South Woods - for some classes easier to enter than for others...
What may lonely dwarves do at night?...
The necromancer - a Sorcerer-specific sidequest.
The harbor of Tyr with some "ladies of uncertain virtue".
The Rogue will be asked to steal an item from the Mayor's house. Caution! - there are two possible ways to enter his patio and in version 1.1 the way shown here seems to have a bug.
A backdoor entrance/exit to/from Tyr - for Sorcerers and Brigands the only way to leave Tyr at night.
Solve this puzzle to find an important item.
Finally opening the crypt door! Of course, it's not the end of Roehm's trouble...
This part of the South Woods is in fact a maze.
At one point or other, when trying to leave Tyr in the evening, you will be invited by the Mayor - when I was playing as a Rogue, it happened after I had already stolen his bird, hence the empty cage.
A mission that doesn't feel so bad and cruel because Roehm is asked to kill an evil person - a slave trader...
...too bad Rayford no longer turns a blind eye to him only for financial reasons...
Inside the sewers - and that's a kind of place I've never been to, but I have quite a few sewer screenshots from several games! ("Broken Sword", "Police Quest 2" etc.)
A kitchen inside the Morroi cult's fortress
Leaving the fortress - the final act is beginning!
The final showdown! If you finish the game, save your character and keep your fingers crossed for "QfI2" to be made. Now the team is working on a prequel - rather pure adventure than RPG, it seems.
The gnoll's cave - a little section which privileges characters with a magical ability (because it offers a cheaper way of solving this mini-quest).
If you reunite the crest pieces before going to the graveyard, a vision of the garden as it was before will appear while going through this section.
One more combat screenshot - fighting a guard in Tyr during the final stage of the game.