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Written by  :  greenmangroup (13)
Written on  :  Jul 05, 2007
Rating  :  3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars
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Enjoyable to a point.....

The Good

I have been getting back into racing games lately and was given told that this was a good game.

It took me a bit to get into this game but once I gave it a really good go it was hard to put it down. I did find this a fairly easy game to get the hang of, it was more of an arcade racing game then I normally like but still lots of fun.

The graphics were very well done as was the sound; it really gave a good sensation of speed.

The handling dynamics were very well done; I have been in real tin-top racers and found the feel and characteristics to be close to the real thing. e.g. throw the car into the corner too much and you will spin.

The Bad

The game was fun to a point. This point was when the crashing started.

I was half way through the championship and was left with no choice but to uninstall the game as it continued to crash. These leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth given how hooked I was on this.

As I said above, the graphics are great but the green smoke when rubbing body work was a bit underdone.

Other then the championship mode the game offers no real long term challenge, a typical floor in an arcade racer.

The Bottom Line

This game is well done and effective. I'd still play it if it wasn't for the crashing factor.

It did help me revive my interest in racing games and bring back the great memories of playing the old TOCA Touring Car games. More enjoyment might have been had on my part if I played online or in a LAN setup against friends.

Anyone looking to by this might want to wait for it to be in the budget bin, buying this at full price won't be value for money.