Rag Doll Kung Fu Credits (Windows)

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Rag Doll Kung Fu Credits


Game Design, Code, Graphics, SoundMark Healey
Additional Complicated StuffAlex Evans
Additional GraphicsKareem Ettouney, Tony Dawson
Online CodeGeorg Backer
Multimice CodeJake Stookey
Sound DriversFMOD
MusicMark Healey, Kareem Ettouney, Martin Johnson
RapSilver Kid Steel
CelloAlex Evans
Additional SkinsVictor Ågren (Mrninya), Scruggs
Beta TestersAlexander Haeggman, Anton Fletcher, Andy Robson, Asaf Gartner, Charles Middleton, Charlton Edwards, David Bruce, Rob Ashton, Jake Stookey, Jesper Nyhjem, Jon Kendall (vapour), Kert Gartner, Herman Hassel (ninja), pisong, sajiimori, Angel Sanchez Morales, Simon Cottee, Thomas L'espérance, Tom Hunt, Tony Dawson, Victor Ågren (Mrninya)
Filmed on Location inFarnham Park
Film Editing and Post ProductionMark Healey
Sound EditingMark Healey, Kareem Ettouney, Barry Meade
VoicesBarry Meade, Kareem Ettouney, Mark Healey
CamerasGeorg Backer, Mark Healey
CastTak Fung - Master Tak Fung, Mark Healey (Haj Ji Mi), Kareem's mate - Fat Bong, Abbey ‑ Ming Mong, Kareem Ettouney (Puk Bull Kum), Tony Dawson (ninja), Martin Johnson (ninja), Nathan Smethurst (ninja), Tony Ciniglio (Bridge Troll), Georg Backer (Mad Gayorg), Mr Inflato ‑ Stunts
All Material Copyright©2004 QI Creations
Special Thanks toEveryone who helped at Lionhead Studios, David Smith, Guillemme Portes, Christian Bravery, Siobhan, Sam, Will Porter, Dom, Scawen Roberts, Pink Floyd, Led Zepp, Bob Marley, Bill Hicks, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Ian Brown, Every one who mailed me and posted on the forum, Last of all - by no means least - all my family and friends

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (528432)