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Atari 50

Rage Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Close encounter with bandits.
Do you remember Mixom brand from Doom 3?
On the way to the bandits hideout.
Example of very nice view in Rage.
Entrance to the Outrigger's settlement.
Buggy - first car with weapon slots.
Dan Hagar, out first questgiver.
Road to Wellspring.
Example of easter egg in Rage: Crazy Joe wears Doom 3 shirt.
Another one bites the dust!
Let's race!
Entering the Dead City.
Uh-Oh... Not everything is dead here.
Saved by Sarah.
Why do sewers always have to be so creepy?
Sarah joins you again.
Great level design.
For a moment I thought I was playing "Outlast".