Railroad Tycoon 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The opening cinematic shows a young boy, before he becomes a railroad tycoon.
The game includes two tutorials; one for basics, and the other for the stock market and finanical aspects.
The "musem" is where you choose different campaigns.
Each scenario gives you the chance to win a gold, silver, or bronze medal.
The more you invest in your company, the more others will too.
Depending on how good you do, your stock could rise or fall.
There is a large overhead zoom, which will help you locate key cities.
There are a variety of different loading backgrounds.
You can choose a specific kind of cargo to haul, or let the computer select it for you.
Newspaper articles give you information on milestones.
You can buy different factories, assuming you have the cash for it.
You can lock on to your locomotives and follow them along their route.
You can build additional structures to get more money, like a hotel on a busy passenger line.
Your early steam trains require oil, water and sand, so be sure to place service towers.
The game also features day-night changes.
One of my trains is departing from Montreal central station.
Somewhere in New South Wales. You can hide the game controls for a better overview.
I'm checking the balance sheet for this refinery.
I just bought this new USA 103 Diesel locomotive.