Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition Credits

PopTop Software

Game DesignPhil Steinmeyer
ProgrammingPhil Steinmeyer
World ArtTodd Bergantz, David Deen
Interface ArtPaul Mullen
3D ArtTodd Bergantz, David Deen
VideoFrank Lutz
Music CoordinatorFrank Lutz
Historical ResearchFranz Felsl
Scenario DesignFranz Felsl
MapmakingDavid Deen, Franz Felsl, Paul Mullen
SoundPaul Mullen
Model BuildingTodd Bergantz
WebmasterFranz Felsl
Last Minute TestingBrent Smith

Westlake Interactive

ProgrammingGlenda Adams, Ken Cobb

Gathering of Developers

Director of MarketingJim Bloom
Sales and DistributionAllen H. Blum III
Web MarketingNoel S. Stephens
Audio and Visual ProductionDoug Myres
Operations and ManufacturingTerry Nagy
Quality Assurance Tech SupportRich Vos
International PartneringHarry A. Miller IV
Marketing, PR and SalesMike Wilson
Cross Marketing PromotionsBinu Philip
Promotion CoordinationRick Stults
Director of Financial RealityMartin Zacarias
Communications CoordinatorJoanna Slaven
LegalHolt Foster

Take 2 Interactive

Quality Assurance SupervisorClaire Cuthill
European Product ManagerKrister Malm
Quality Assurance LeaderNick Sneddon
Quality AssuranceGreg Matthews, Chris Lacey
Overall TroubleshootingSimon Little
Quality Assurance Concrete SupportJason Birdwell, Mike Holcombe, Shane Love, Kyle Hlavinka


All Songs Written, Produced and Performed byJim Callahan
Wrote Track 2, 9. Harp on 1, 2, 9, 12, 14Jim McClaren
Wrote Track 5, 13. Guitar on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16. Harp on tracks 3, 16Rick McDonough
Drums on track 1.Benet Schaeffer
Voice RecordingProcom Studios Inc.
VoiceoversDick Anderson

Other Partners

European and Australian co-publishingTake 2 Interactive
North American DistributionAlliance Inventory Management
Public RelationsTSI Communications
SalesStrategic Marketing Partners
Packaging and Print AdvertisingPYRO
Testing and Technical SupportConcrete Support
Co‑MarketingAthearn Inc.
Smacker Video TechnologyRAD Game Tools
Original Railroad Tycoon DesignSid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley

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Rick Stults, 43 other games
Bruce Campbell Shelley, 36 other games
Simon Little, 34 other games
Allen H. Blum III, 32 other games
Terry Nagy, 31 other games
Chris Lacey, 28 other games
Krister Malm, 28 other games
Jim Bloom, 25 other games
Doug Myres, 21 other games
Ken Cobb, 20 other games
Todd Bergantz, 20 other games
Nick Sneddon, 19 other games
Phil Steinmeyer, 17 other games
Glenda Adams, 17 other games
Binu Philip, 16 other games
Brent Smith, 14 other games
Rich Vos, 14 other games
David Deen, 13 other games
Claire Cuthill, 13 other games
Franz Felsl, 12 other games
Shane Love, 9 other games
Paul Mullen, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1830) and Cochonou (1095)