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Railroad Tycoon II: Platinum Credits

57 people (53 developers, 4 thanks)

PopTop Software

Game DesignPhil Steinmeyer
ProgrammingPhil Steinmeyer
Platinum Edition ProgrammingBrent Smith
World ArtTodd Bergantz, David Deen
Interface ArtPaul Mullen
3D ArtTodd Bergantz, David Deen
VideoFrank Lutz
Music CoordinatorFrank Lutz
Historical ResearchFranz Felsl
Scenario DesignFranz Felsl
MapmakingDavid Deen, Franz Felsl, Paul Mullen, Daniel Eichling
Additional Platinum Edition MapmakingRobert Thomas (as Bob Thomas), Chuck Barkman, David Masters, Dick Knisely, Einar H. Bendigtsen, Emilio Guerra, Florian Santorius, Graham Willard, John Schwarz, Jon Calon, Lars Maischak, Marco Stefanuti, Mike Fisher, Pete Cangialosi, Dick Knisely, Scott Kirwin, Steve Lorenz, Steven Otte, Thomas Nussbaumer
SoundPaul Mullen
Model BuildingTodd Bergantz
WebmasterFranz Felsl
Last Minute TestingBrent Smith

Westlake Interactive

Original Railroad Tycoon 2 Mac ProgrammingGlenda Adams, Ken Cobb


Voice RecordingProcom Studios Inc.
VoiceoversDick Anderson
Original Railroad Tycoon 2/The Second Century/Gold PublishingGathering of Developers


All songs written, produced and performed byJim Callahan
Record StudioJupiter Studios
Additional songs writing and performance byJim McClaren, Rick McDonough, Benet Schaeffer

Take Two Interactive Studios - Baltimore

ProducerTimothy Beggs
VP of Bussiness DevelopmentJamie Leece
VP of PublishingChris Mate
Executive ProducerRobb Alvey
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Marketing Communications CoordinatorChris Larkin
Corporate Communications ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Graphic DesignersChristine Lagna, Dawn Silwick
Additional Art SupportElisabeth Brown
QA DirectorPhil Santiago
Quality AssuranceJoe Covello, Kai Ma
Special ThanksLinda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan, Patty Santiago, Melissa Voggenauer
Original Railroad Tycoon DesignSid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (5067)