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RapeLay (Windows)

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Written by  :  Celine-sama (29)
Written on  :  Feb 17, 2009
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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If you believe playing FPSes turns you into a school shooter, stay away from this.

The Good

Rape is never good. That said, this is a game, a fantasy, and not even remotely near teaching you how to do the deed in real life. The second reviewer said it well: you press a button and it happens. How the hell does this work in real life?

If you're the type of prude who believes impressionable youngsters will bring firearms to school and slaughter their peers just because they played a violent videogame, then stay away from videogames.

Frankly, I find shooting games (a genre which I abhor) have far more mindless violence, more disturbing attention to detail, with blood, gore, entrails, mutilation and decapitation. Now tell me which is sicker?

RapePlay isn't very deep - it's pretty shallow as h-games go, and if you're coming from ren'ai you won't find anything here. That said, this is 3D smut, pure and simple. Ignore the storyline - aren't you pervs good at that? - and concentrate on the porn. Look at that sweat-shiny skin!

The more sensitive among you may find the premise a turnoff, but seriously: compared to REAL SICK stuff out there, RapePlay is pretty tame. There's no bondage, torturing, or mutilation. There's no snuff - well, in one of the endings the protagonist gets his, but then you'd say that was a good thing eh?

The first reviewer (JazzOleg) is reading too deep into this title. The second reviewer (lasttoblame) is on the money, although the long-winded explanation may come off a little tedious. Do pervs seriously get into the head of every h-game protagonist they play? No. If you do, get help.

Forget the hilariously unbelieveable scenario - any experienced perv worth his collection of h-games knows that. Don't like rape? Breaking in a defenseless, innocent schoolgirl make you feel uncomfortable? Toss that emotional garbage out the window. If you can't do that and just sit back and enjoy the sex, how did you survive the scads of other h-games out there?

Imagine you're doing it with a willing partner. It's not hard; unlike what the detractors and ignoramuses say, there is little actual violence in RapePlay. You don't hit the girls. There's no biting, scratching, slapping. You don't tie them up. You don't torture them in strange and bizarre fashion. Hell, once you get past the disturbing initial story sequence, it's all about the sex, and it's fairly tame. They don't even scream or struggle, outside of the initial encounter.

Manaka is cute. Manaka is adorable. Her teary wide eyes and shuddering, breathless post-coital trembling will drive you nuts for more. If you weren't a pedophile before, she'll turn you into one. By the way, ignore the morons saying she's 10 (you may come across this in discussions google dredges up). Japanese middle high schoolers are 14 at least.

Aoi is somewhat fiesty if that kind of thing turns you on. The eyes do it for some people, and she has The Look down pat. Lusty schoolgirls are where it's at, ohh yeahhh. You see that "come together" button? You know you want to mash it. Even during her "dangerous" days.

Yuuko... I'm not into overly-larged breasts but other than that this pliant lady definitely has what it takes. Other girls can only wish motherhood will leave them looking as good.

The Bad

There's no story to speak of. The premise is tainted by rape. I prefer the ren'ai genre for a reason. Also, there is no real "ending", except for the two bad misadventures which can happen to the protagonist. Which may be a good thing for the morally squeamish who are as yet undecided fence-sitters. He gets his, that can only be good, right?

The unlockable Edit mode is excellent but still missing a few customization options I'd like to see, like cumming positions (I'm a fan of coming together).

The Bottom Line

To other pervs, I'd say give it a go. The storyline is easy to ignore because it's nearly nonexistant. It's not all that bad other than the unfortunate premise. Hell, I've played dozens of other h-games which feature just as barely-consensual sexual scenarios.

I don't see the same kind of outrage condemning Virgin Roster, for example. That game has an arguably worse premise: it's a schoolteacher raping his charges - someone in a position of authority abusing it. And enjoying himself. And unlike in RapePlay, nothing bad happens to him.

Face it: if you're a pervert, quit with the moralizing. I know of subgenres that would turn your stomach, like sex with mutilated and traumatized people. Pieces of people. Non-people, even. Enough detail eh?

RapePlay on the other hand is pretty mild by comparison. It doesn't even pretend to be realistic, with a forgettably flimsy excuse for a story. You could easily spin a more palatable premise for yourself and it would still hold, since the meat of the game is about sex, and not about the story.