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Unfortunately, this game isn’t completely perfect. Lag is horrible present in the towns and cities, where players have shops set up like crazy. I have also witnessed monsters and characters walking through fences and some other misc. background objects. Even though the quests are mostly easy and don’t make you tear out your hair, they can get a bit tiring sometimes. But the quests are still quite varied, so they won’t stop me from giving this game a score of 4.95. On the Freehare charts, that’s a score of 5 carrots. So jump into this pseudo-medieval world as fast as you can, and experience this beauty for yourself.
75 (Jun 25, 2008)
A l'instar de Fly for Fun, il convient de préciser que cette note générale tient compte de la gratuité du jeu. Mais dans une faible mesure seulement, tant Rappelz est un MMORPG de qualité qui n'a rien à envier à certains concurrents payants. Prenant le parti d'assumer son gameplay centré sur le monster bashing, il bénéficie de sérieux atouts visant en priorité les amateurs de grind : le système d'évolution de personnage a rarement été aussi gratifiant, la gestion du familier est très complète, la chasse au drop plus jouissive que jamais et le système de pvp de guilde est un peu la cerise sur le gâteau. Quelques petits défauts l'empêchent encore de prétendre aux plus hautes marches du podium, mais nul doute que la sortie prochaine de l'Epic V devrait apporter de nombreuses améliorations, ainsi que de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour renouveler l'expérience de jeu.
Clubic (Jun 09, 2008)
Rappelz ne respire pas la perfection, mais nous nous garderons de fustiger ce programme. En dépit des critiques proférées, il faudra garder à l'esprit que ce jeu est mis à disposition par son éditeur à titre gratuit. Cette qualité est encore suffisamment rare pour être signalée (surtout avec les MMORPG). À essayer tout de même.
Perhaps because Rappelz is free to play instead of charging players the usual monthly subscription fee, it has a throwaway feel to it in many respects, lacking the depth and attention to detail found in the very best MMOGs. There's very little about Rappelz that distinguishes itself in any way from other similar offerings. A murky good versus evil story doesn't do anything to suck the player in. Nor does the largely unimaginative "go here, get that, then bring it back" type of quests doled out by characters that lack charisma and speak in stilted and grammatically dubious dialogue like "If you dare to attack it, you had better make up your mind. You have to pay huge price." Rappelz is a good intro to MMOGs for players who want to get their feet wet without coming to a monthly subscription, but in terms of fantasy MMOGs, it doesn't hold a candle to any of the big guys.
MMOhut (2008)
Apart from the twist in guild battles, Rappelz offers nothing but the basic commodities found in any MMORPG. The aimless grind and lack of quests makes playing this game a chore. If you’re a pet-lover or someone looking for a slightly different guild experience, give Rappelz a spin. For the rest of us, I suggest leaning on “not trying.”