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GameGavel.com (Mar 30, 2011)
You kind of get the feeling that if you could just somehow be 2 upgrades further along in the beginning, that those later levels would be a breeze. As if you are always on the precipice of kicking ass, but never quite there. Instead you have to settle for simply being able to hold your own from level to level, and after a while… that won’t be enough. The gorgeously rendered enemies, and their equally fancily rendered bullets will overtake you, and you will receive no pity whatsoever from me or the game. But for those who do stick around for the mind boggling moon spanking they are sure to receive, you will be rewarded with some of the deepest bullet hell gameplay that exists today, and experience a sensation in gaming that hasn’t really been felt for over a decade. And that sensation is painful, humiliating defeat. So seriously buy Razor2 Hidden Skies because it’s one of the greatest things ever, but also realize that you will never ever beat this game.
IGN (Aug 02, 2010)
Razor2: Hidden Skies is a decent shooter with good production values, such as the excellent score. And I really like the ability to customize the ship’s weapon systems to suit personal play style or the challenges presented by each stage. But the action is just so straightforward and predictable – you have played shooters like this for years – that Razor2 never quite sparked to life.
Spazio Games (Aug 01, 2010)
Razor2: Hidden Skies, nonostante la scarsità di shot'em up su PC, non riesce ad entrare nel cuore del giocatore e a farsi amare come avrebbe potuto. Un'astronave senza carisma e una giocabilità minata da alcuni gravi difetti fanno rimpiangere i vecchi titoli del passato, dove il divertimento e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi veniva prima di tutto. Tutti gli elementi di gioco mostrano poca cura e attenzione nei dettagli, lasciando così all'utenza un prodotto finale insufficiente, dal gameplay eccessivamente ripetitivo e privo di una modalità cooperativa. Le novità introdotte ed i pochi minuti di intrattenimento che il titolo sa regalare prima che sopraggiunga la noia non ne giustificano l'acquisto nemmeno da parte dei fan più accaniti degli sparatutto a scorrimento verticale, nonostante il titolo si presenti con un prezzo decisamente accessibile.
GameSpot (Sep 01, 2010)
To help prolong your survival, you can upgrade each of your weapons between levels, as well as your shields, engine, and energy cell (your shields keep you alive and your energy replenishes your shields). These upgrades are rewarding and effective, and along with the simple satisfaction of destroying your enemies, improving your ship is one of the only pleasures Razor 2 has to offer. The action is competent, yet flawed, and the visuals do nothing to distinguish the game from its countless peers. This is a bland, underwhelming experience whose eight levels struggle to justify the $9.99 price point, and even players hard up for a new shoot-'em-up should think twice before diving in.
GameZone (Aug 09, 2010)
I had high hopes for Razor 2. As good as games like Deathsmiles and Shoot 1up are, I still enjoy classic, straightforward shmups the most. I love the purity of simply shooting and dodging, and the excitement of beating a level and seeing what’s next. The bad hit-mechanics and bland enemies ensure that you’ll find neither of these elements at play in Razor 2: Hidden Skies.