The Real Texas Credits

The Real Texas

A Game byCalvin French
Music byYesso
Thanks toGirl & Cat that live with me, Parents that turn me into human, All Indie Dev Friends, You!
Beta TestersAllan S. Keith (credited as Allen O.), Brandon Williamson, David Churchill, Ian Snyder, Jimmy Andrews, Juan Rojas, Nicolai Troshinsky, Ted Martens, Vieko Franetovic
Alpha TestersAlejandro Grilli J., Artur Sowinski, Chevy Ray Johnston, Curt Kling, Daniel Brynolf, Derek Bo, Ed Key, Endurion, Greg Whistance-Smith, Ithamore, Jasper Byrne, Neil Thapen, Noyb, Rico, Stephen Lavalle
Special ThanksOr 1996‑Style, Style Demo Reps
Special PeopleAlec Holowka, Anthony Allen, Juan Linietsky, Laura Shigihara, Lysander Lapine, Matt Thorson, Michael Herzog, Mike Boxleiter, Mike Lohaus, Richard Stott, The Facebook Group, The Lapan Forest Friends, The **** Forum
ToolsThe GNU Project/Linux, Free Software Foundation, Lablua/PUC‑Rio, SDL Project, The GIMP Team, The Eclipse Foundation, The MinGW Project, The SCons Foundation

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (511319)