The Real Texas Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequenc
Title screen
Sam arrives at the castle. Now he needs to get out of the parking lot.
The surroundings of the castle are very quiet.
The ghost doesn't like your music much.
Conversation screen for Mathilda. Certain topics only become available after asking another question. At the bottom of the screen you can freely mention anything by typing it in.
Shooting a blue blob.
The bandits raiding this house have been taken out.
The map of the town
Inventory screen with a drag-and-drop mechanic
Sam witnesses a strange ceremony.
The hold sequence where you need to free yourself.
Blowing up a barrier with TNT.
What are they doing to the poultry underground?
Using this statue you can fast travel to another location. It always involves a nude woman you need to "touch".
Xartan is mad about defending his fort.
Walking around in a field.
Find a way to disable this barrier.
Preparing to launch TNT.
Sneaking into someone's home.
A field with cacti
More rooms in the castle open up.