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Reaxxion Credits (Windows)

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Reaxxion Credits

Hot Lava presents Reaxxion

Executive ProducerMatthew Lichtenwalter
Creative DirectorKenda Lichtenwalter
Project ManagerIlya Plyusnin
Game DesignKonstantin Zavoloka, Alexander Vedeneev
ArtEvgeniy Rodygin, Kirill Korneev, Vasiliy Podvornyak, Evgeniy Cherenkov
ProgrammingMikhail Rozhkov, Grigory Aleksanin
Level DesignMaria Panova, Alexandra Petruk
MusicVasily Shestovets (aka Lavaman)
SFXVasily Shestovets (aka Lavaman)
Quality AssuranceBoris Grebnev
Special thanks toSam Lichtenwalter (Game Testing)


Executive ProducerMatthew Lichtenwalter
ProducerDrew Jensen
Quality Assurance ManagerRandall Varnell
Quality AssuranceDavid Shepherd, Christopher Bielinski, Kevin Daniel, Jay Morse
ChairmanRon Dimant
CEOMark Cottam
Director of MarketingKate Richardson
MarketingMichelle Lentz
Build MasterAaron Funk
IT SupportKevin Marvin, Mason Lucas, Tom Lima
Special ThanksAaron Hausmann, Richard Gray (Levelord), Ivan Villavicencio, Jay DiNucci, Bryan Garrison, Lloyd Leach, Michael Suarez, Austin Elkins, Steve Fernandez

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228493)