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Hot Tank Blasting action and intense Multi-Player Combat make this one action title that keeps drawing you back in. ROFLBLAH (379) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (18 votes) 3.7

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Recoil is so well done that it is now for me the standard by which I will be judging all other 3D arcade combat shooters. But I fear it will not get the recognition it so richly deserves. No, it is not Half-Life, but the important thing to remember is it does not aspire to be Half-Life. Too much has already been written about the game inappropriately comparing it to 3D first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, action-strategy combat hybrids, and mech-combat simulations. Recoil does not belong in any of these categories, and putting it in one of them only serves to diminish what makes the game so much fun — its unquestioning provision of a sumptuous meal of the very best kind of arcade action, without any of the trimmings like complex resource management or interactive conversation with others that serve only as distractions from the main course. I thus enthusiastically bestow a Reviewer’s Choice Award.
Game Over Online (Dec 15, 1998)
Overall, Recoil is a great grab for anyone who likes (guess what...) 3D shooters, but it's not just for the Quaker crew; I'm pretty sure if you have a mouse, or better yet, a joystick, you will enjoy it for hours. This game is addictive and I can see it having a nice future, if large servers sponsor the multiplayer. After this happens it will be much more global and a lot less lagged. I can't wait to fire mortars at people who are living halfway around the world. Recoil is one of the best kept secrets in the gaming industry, and certainly a candidate for game of the year.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 1998)
Wat een verademing, na alle realistische oorlogsims, bestuur je hier toevallig een tank, maar eigenlijk is het een snelle aktie shoot'em up. Met alle features denk ik dat het fans van allerlei soorten genres zal aanspreken.
Graphically, Recoil is very ingenious and polished -- even more so if you have a 3Dfx card. The landscapes are well designed and have a mesmerizing depth to them, especially when you are doing battle in a mountain pass or over the crest of a hill. The gameplay is easy to pick up, as are varied weapons, and the objectives to each campaign are iterated throughout the missions. The manual deserves a quick mention, too; it is full of technical detail about the types of enemies you will be encountering and hopefully obliterating.
GameGenie (1999)
Recoil is a game jammed-packed with a load of fun and some stunning graphics. Zipper and Electronic Arts have shown they can create one awesome storyline and integrate that into a game. 18 different weapons, 6 different worlds of fun and death, and great multi-player. The difficulty level of Recoil is unbearable at times but the AI is nothing like what I have seen prior to this game. Electronic Arts' new masterpiece is a great game with some redeeming characteristics that spell "good game" all over the box, but minor setbacks and bugs do plague the system.
PC Games (Germany) (Apr, 1999)
Optisch lebt Recoil von den sehenswerten Lichteffekten, die vor allem in späteren Kampagnen durch stärkere Waffen immer bunter und bombastischer werden. Gewöhnungsbedürftig ist allerdings die Steuerung, da der Panzer mit den Richtungstasten, der Geschützturm aber gesondert mit der Maus bewegt wird, was in hektischen Gefechten oft zu Verwirrung und wiederholten Fehlmanövern gegen Begrenzungsmauern führt.
All in all I had quite a bit of fun playing this game. The graphics were really nice-looking, the musical score was well-suited to the game, and the sound effects were more than adequate. Except for the voice that tells you your shields are low. It never shuts up...really. Chances are, though, that if your shields get that low you won't be around long anyway. So, if you liked BattleZone and Vindicators, you'll like Recoil.
Recoil is a welcome change from today’s games that often require a semester of classes just to learn how to play. The addictive gameplay and aggression-releasing charm are reminiscent of the classic days of quarters and arcades. A time when machines simply ruled kids' allowances, not the world.
75 (Nov 01, 2006)
Recoil is a simple game, with a layer of complexity and tactical awareness hidden underneath the straightforward gameplay. With many, many weapons to choose from and plenty of ways to kill, eviscerate, maim, destroy, desecrate and annihilate your enemies, it makes for some good shoot-'em-up fun. The difficulty may turn some people off, and people who want a game where they don’t have to think may be cheated a bit by the façade that the game projects of itself. But for people who enjoy a challenge, enjoy seeing lasers fly through the air, enjoy 1s and 0s or just want to shoot shit, this game is a good game to have in your collection.
Absolute Games ( (Dec 26, 1998)
В общем, Recoil отбивает каждый рубль или доллар, вложенный в его покупку. Для любителей аркад эта игра будет как нельзя кстати — неплохой подарок на Рождество и Новый Год. А детей — тех порадует красочность игрового процесса. Компания Zipper Interactive показала, что у нее есть потенциал для создания интересных игр. Поэтому будем ждать MechWarrior 3...
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 1999)
Es macht einfach Spaß, mit dem flotten Recoil-Panzerwagen durch die Landschaft zu flitzen. Die spannend angelegten Missionen sorgen immer wieder für Aha-Effekte, Überraschungen lauern hinter fast jeder Ecke. Besonders gefällt mir, wie geschickt die Entwickler für Motivation gesorgt haben, Motto: »Nur noch ein Einsatzziel, dann mache ich Schluß!« Und schon sind ein paar Stunden vergangen. An der Grafik hätte man besser noch ein wenig gefeilt. Zwar wirkt die Umgebung glaubwürdig, was vor allem an Details wie Bergstraßen, verbarrikadierten Hauptquartieren oder riesigen Seen liegt – aber insgesamt sind mir die Texturen zu grau und die Objekte zu grobkantig. Einzig die aufwendigen Explosionen entschädigen dafür ein bißchen. Wer bei Actionspielen vor allem Wert auf motivierend gestaltete Einsätze legt, kann aber zugreifen.
For: Recoil offers an indepth single player game that will keep you captivated and have you saying "just one more hour before bed". Some great multiplayer action for those who want to make mince meat of friends. Beautiful landscapes and some awesome firepower make this a very worth while game to grace your hard drive. Against: Introduction and mission briefings are a little difficult to follow. It will take some time and patience to get the hang of aiming and firing whilst moving. A few graphics and sound glitches. Single player game could have been a bit longer.
PC Joker (Jan, 1999)
Was unter dem Strich bleibt, das ist leidlich originelle 3D-Action mit dezentem Simulationstouch für Solisten und Multiplayer. Wobei letztere mit sieben Extra-Arenen für bis zu 32 vernetzte Panzerfahrer auch nicht eben üppig bedient werden.
PC Player (Germany) (Apr 07, 1999)
Eine nette, lustige Ballerei hat Zipper (Top Gun Hornet's Nest) da abgeliefert. Es gibt viele witzige Waffen wie Minen mit Annäherungszünder, außerdem existieren oft mehrere Lösungswege. Sie müssen also nicht immer wieder exakt dasselbe tun, um ans Ziel zu gelangen. Positiv fällt zudem die Möglichkeit auf, durch Beschuß mit schweren Kalibern Krater in das Terrain schießen zu können, die Sie dann als Deckung benutzen. Überhaupt läßt sich mit dem eher durchschnittlich aussehenden Gelände eine Menge anstellen. Leider passiert es oft genug, daß die Kameraperspektive sich nicht wieder direkt hinter den Geschützturm stellt - mit dem Effekt, daß Sie ein paar Gegner übersehen, die hinter Ihnen stehen. Das wird durch die Gegneranzeige verstärkt, die die exakte Position ausschließlich bei übergelegter Karte darstellt; ansonsten müssen Sie sich mit Pfeilen am Bildschirmrand begnügen.
Despite its failings, Recoil still packs one hell of an initial punch. But in the end, it’s merely an average shooter wrapped in deceptively appealing eye candy.
Spel för Alla (May, 1999)
Överhuvudtaget innehåller inte Recoil något som inte finns i andra spel, utan får snarast betraktas som en bagatell bland de större och tyngre spel som släppts och kommer att släppas denna vår. Som bagatell betraktat är dock Recoil en liten pärla och så länge det varar är det riktigt rolig och adrenalinframkallande action som du bjuds på.
PC Gaming World (Jun, 1999)
The graphics work fine but the landscapes are chunky and lack detail - this is hardly the next generation of 3D games. Your adversaries - the other machines - look more toy-like than menacing, and the weapons have little individual character or impact. Recoil is in direct competition with StarSiege, which is better and even includes the excellent Tribes as a bonus. No contest, really.
Gamezilla (Jun 20, 1999)
I love first-person shooter games; there is no better game to play after a hard day of work. Unfortunately Recoil misses on that note greatly. I judge a shooter by how much I think of tactics and ideas when I'm not playing. Not once while Recoil was in my possession did I find myself thinking of tactics and ideas for the game. I'm also pretty sick to death of this "computers take over the world" crap; can't anybody come up with fresh ideas anymore? There are some great possibilities for a first-person tank shooter -- just take a look at SSI's Panzer Commander; that was a great first-person tank game that was believable. Some of you out there might find this game very engrossing, or maybe I'm missing the point, but either way I recommend you wait for this game to hit the close-out bin until you buy it.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Initially Recoil plays okay, although you realise soon enough that you're playing the same mission over and over again, with little variation to speak of. Even the multiplayer game gets repetitive after a few plays. We might have suggested a look at Recoil if it was a budget title, but as a full-price game it lacks longevity and enjoyment.
Game Revolution (May 01, 1999)
In the end, Recoil is a temporarily amusing diversion to all those out there who don't care too much about graphical flair or depth of gameplay. Also, if you're stuck with an old computer, Recoil is one of the few new titles that will run acceptably. A good 3D accelerator would be well advised though.