Red Faction II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The first mission is a prequel to the game, as Sopot Elite Guard Alias infiltrates a foreign military base to steal Capek's Nanocell, the object responsible for this entire mess
Molov, your nano-augmented squad leader (voice of Lance Henriksen), helps you battle the security guards in the P.I.B. Lobby. Note the giant oversized bust of Sopot
Highly skilled Sopot Elite Guards drop into the Admin Area to battle Alias and Covert Ops squad member Tangier
Your character is a demolitions expert, and your trusty grenade launcher will see lots of use. Explosions blow holes in the walls, shatter glass, and send enemy soldiers flying
Tangier and Repta help you battle Sopot Elite Guards inside the news studio, while an annoying reporter broadcasts a severely biased account of the action
Battling Elite Guards on the Propaganda Building's roof, in the pouring rain. Shrike, your squad's vehicle guy (voice of The Transporter's Jason Statham) tries to help out inside his custom gunship, but gets attacked by Sopot gunships
Chancellor Sopot (or his personal gunship at least) is the first and easiest boss you face... but don't get cocky and stop to admire the cool weather effects.
Quite a few of the game's levels are vehicle based rail shooters. Here, Shrike pilots his gunship over a military blockade while you serve as the gunner
Sopot might be an evil Dictator who brutally represses his people and likes to say 'Sacrifice!' a lot, but you gotta admit he makes some nice futuristic subway stations
Sopot's army is no match for Alias and Shrike, especially when they're behind the wheels and the massive cannon of a 10-ton tank
Up close and personal with some of Sopot's soldiers. Note the lady with the triple Uzis
Enemy Battle Armor is extremely dangerous, but this particular Battle Armor is about to get a serious headache courtesy of a collapsing Geo-Moded lightpost
Repta, your squad's heavy weapons guy, is truely the ultimate destructive force. With a heavy machinegun and almost perfect aim, he can easily decimate Sopot's soldiers without breaking a sweat
Even enemy Battle Armor is no match for Repta's might. With the tag team of you inside a Battle Armor of your own and Repta on foot, nothing can stand in your way.
Respect Sopot! FEAR Sopot! Sopot is your Master! Well, actually he's just an exhausted geezer in a fancy suit, but he does have a cool menacing voice.
Red Faction forces help you battle the Urban Military in the burnt-out ruins of the city. Unlike the previous game, the Red Faction are no longer absolute wimps and can now hold their own in battle... most of the time.
Red Faction forces help you battle the Urban Military in the city's high rent district, where statues and banners of Sopot are a popular motif
The extremely annoying Spider Bombs like to swarm you in large groups and blow up in your face, and a single blast can knock off more than half your health. Did I mention they respawn infinitely?
Alias fights some zombie-like Processed Civilians inside a cathedral cemetary. The Processed are inferior nano-augmentations, and although incredibly tough they're also incredibly stupid
An atmospheric boss battle inside the Cathedral itself. Surprisingly, the sniper babe boss isn't all that tough (despite having an insane amount of health), but she's assisted by many bodyguards
This Hogan's Alley-type level consists entire of a sniper fight against many enemy snipers camped out in the far building
Piloting a submarine against enemy subs. The game's underwater levels have a slight 'blurred' effect, giving objects a slight softened look
The enemy Nano Base is infested with tough Processed enemies, and their firepower and large numbers more than make up for their mindlessness
The nano-augmented Nano Elite combine the incredible durability of Processed soldiers with the intelligence of human opponents, but for the moment your Battle Armor gives you a distinct advantage
This boss has been nano-augmented so much he glows in the dark! He's got an electrifying personality, even though his vocabulary consists entire of "Kill!" and "Hate!"
Alias and Tangier pursue the enemy leader through the rapidly collapsing superstructure of Sopot's Statue
Don't get distracted by the cool aurora effects inside the statue's arm, because the Nano Elite that stand in your way are incredibly deadly opponents
Not one to fight fair, the enemy leader attacks you inside an insanely powerful customized version of the Battle Armor
The PC version of Red Faction 2 has no multiplayer (boo!), but to compensate they've included a pretty indepth botmatch mode.
Beating levels and completing bonus objectives unlocks bonus items, including character models, movies, and concept art. Here's a 3D model of your squad's sniper specialist, Quill
Cinematic: Blowing up the bridge.
Cinematic: Run! Run as fast as you can.
This doesn't look like a fair battle...
Burning your enemies.